During my career as a radio talk host, one of my rules for on-air conversation was “never be stupid on purpose.” I was operating under the assumption that my unintentional idiocy would more than cover my quota.

I offer that same advice to Ray Buckley.

The longtime chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party is no dummy. Pretending to be one in order to take cheap shots at politically-active women isn’t a good look.

The women are supporters of Moms For Liberty — or as state Rep. Catherine Sofikitis (D-Nashua) calls them, “a**holes,” “Taliban,” and “Momzis.”

Progressives at organizations like Rights and Democracy NH and the New Hampshire Sierra Club promptly endorsed these sexist attacks in the name of partisan solidarity, and now Buckley has joined the bandwagon:

“At the recent M4L national convention, cheers exploded when the M4L leader said she stands with those who stand with Hitler. Fact.”

Except, as Buckley knows, it’s not a fact. It’s the opposite.

Nobody at Moms For Liberty is “standing with Hitler.” And nobody at their “Joyful Warriors” event in Philadelphia “cheered” Hitler, either.

An Indiana chapter of Moms for Liberty used a Hitler quote in a newsletter: “He alone, who OWNS the youth, GAINS the future.” Given that M4L’s mission is to help parents take back control of their children’s education from the government, you’ll be stunned to learn they think what Hitler’s saying is a bad thing.

Obviously, this M4L chapter used the quote to compare their pro-teachers-union opponents (like Ray Buckley) to Hitler.

When M4L co-founder Tiffany Justice said she “stands with that mom” who used the Hitler quote to describe their opponents as big-government fascists who want to control America’s children, she wasn’t standing with the “Hitler” part, but with the school, bureaucrats are power hungry fascists meme.

Buckley knows that. The many Granite State Democrats who have taken to social media with the same smear of Moms For Liberty do, too. But they are pretending they don’t know any better so they can make the ludicrous claim that parents fighting to limit government authority are on the side of the world’s most notorious dictator.

Stupid. On. Purpose.

This is particularly problematic for Buckley, whose spin-driven misinformation has recently been on high-profile display. On the eve of the Democratic National Committee voting overwhelmingly to strip New Hampshire Democrats of their First In Nation primary status, Buckely was claiming publicly he had the votes locked down. For more than a year beforehand, he repeatedly insisted the FITN was in no danger, even as news outlets like NHJournal were reporting the DNC was almost certain to bump the Granite State.

And then there’s Buckley’s disastrous leadership in the 2020 elections when he found a way to lose both the state House and Senate even as Joe Biden was winning the state by eight points — the only Democratic Party to lose both chambers of the legislature that year.

Serious-minded people — a dying breed in our current political climate — know what they’re reading is partisan spin as soon as they see any American called “pro-Hitler.” The number of Hitler fans in the U.S. in 2023 is tiny. (As local progressives recently demonstrated, it’s certainly smaller than the number of Stalin fans.) But Buckley’s statement is even worse, pretending an anti-Hitler statement was somehow pro-Nazi.

We could take Buckley at his word. But if we did, we would have to believe that 153 New Hampshire House Democrats want the Granite State to secede from the union. And, in fact, that was how many actually voted in favor of a pro-secession bill last year.

Is it fair to call Democrats like Rep. Matt Wilhelm (D-Manchester) “pro-secession” because they voted for a pro-secession bill? Ray Buckley says yes.

I say no because the Democrats voted to advance this idiotic bill — proposed by a handful of GOP knuckleheads — so they could keep it off the table (effectively killing it) and force a vote on the floor. A total of 13 of the 207 Republicans present voted for it.

And when Buckley sent out a tweet full of the “N-word,” I didn’t call him a racist. His goal was clearly to condemn racism — though he was unwilling at the time to condemn the anti-semitism of his fellow Democrats like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). Instead, Buckley welcomed Omar to New Hampshire to help fundraise for the party.

And speaking of Omar (and Hitler and the Jews), the Minnesota progressive announced yesterday that there is “no way in hell” she will attend Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s joint address to both houses of Congress next week.

Does Ray Buckley have a comment?

Asian-American students are being kept off elite campuses because of their race. Women athletes are being denied opportunities by being forced to compete with biological males. Government agencies are targeting American citizens because of their political views.

These outrages are real. “Nazi moms” are fake (and insulting and sexist.)

Protip, Ray: Stop running up charges on the “stupidity” card. You’re already maxed out.