New Hampshire has passed another milestone in its rapid economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. A new jobs report from New Hampshire Employment Security shows the Granite State’s unemployment rate has dropped below its rate at the start of the pandemic. 

In March 2020, before the pandemic, New Hampshire had a 2.7 percent unemployment rate. In May 2021 the Granite State boasted a rate of just 2.5 percent.

According to federal numbers from April, New Hampshire led the country with an unemployment rate of 2.8 percent, just shy of its pre-pandemic peak.

Gov. Chris Sununu celebrated the news.

“Today’s job report makes clear that New Hampshire’s economy is roaring back to life with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the history of the Granite State,” Sununu said in a statement. “Such low unemployment rates are no accident, but are the result of a continued effort to provide businesses with the flexibility needed to grow, while providing individuals with the incentives and resources needed to return to work.” 

“New Hampshire’s economy is well-positioned to make further economic gains throughout the year that will serve to benefit communities and families across the Granite State.”

Also on Wednesday, the data analysts at WalletHub named New Hampshire one of the 10 best states to live in, due in part to the state’s red-hot economy ranked fourth in the nation

The same study ranked the Granite State in the top 10 for education and health, and safety, as well as the lowest percentage of the population living in poverty.

Jim Roche, president of the New Hampshire Business and Industry Association, said there is still more work to be done.

“As New Hampshire employers compete with employers in surrounding states for workers, especially younger workers, it’s important state policymakers avoid passing laws and regulations in the waning days of the legislative session that handcuff private sector efforts to create work environments that attract the best and brightest,” Roche told NHJournal.

Granite State Democrats responded to the news by attempting to give President Joe Biden credit for the state’s economic success.

Responding to a Sununu tweet touting the new numbers, Ray Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat Party tweeted: “Was his next sentence: ‘Thanks to President Biden’s American Recovery Act supported by Sen Hassan, Sen Shaheen, Rep Kuster & Rep Pappas NH, our communities and businesses have the resources and support to build a robust NH economy like we had under Gov Hassan?'”

The lowest unemployment rate under the Hassan administration was 2.8 percent, compared to 2.5 percent under Sununu.