NHJournal has invited a series of candidates in New Hampshire’s high-profile primary elections to make their “final pitch” for your votes. We’ve also asked all of them to answer the same three questions to shed a little light on their character and, perhaps, have a little fun. You’ll find their answers below.

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Lynne Blankenbeker, Republican, Second Congressional District:

I love my country. I love my state. My entire professional career has been about serving both, and I strongly believe our challenges can be overcome if we find the right people to lead. How do we find the right people? If we believe in the premise that what’s past is prelude, then let’s start by examining our records.

I started my military career 32 years ago as young 2nd Lieutenant, serving as a nurse in the USAF. It was an experience that would shape who I have become as a person and as a professional. I would never exploit the sacrifices made by the heroic men and women who have served our great nation in the name of freedom, but as people decide who is best suited and equipped to represent their collective interests, it’s important to know the character of that public servant. I have cared for our warriors in peacetime and wartime. I have witnessed true valor and what it means to put collective success above one’s personal safety and interest. It’s true I have never fired a shot in combat.

I have never charged a beachhead or taken a hill. But during my service, I have been part of a team that understood the realities of war, I have nursed our heroes back to health so they could go back to their loved ones. When the scars of battle could not be healed, I have held the hands of our warriors as they drew their last breath. I signed up for this duty because I wanted to make a difference. I am a veteran, and I am proud to have stood alongside those who were willing to fight for the principles of our great nation. I am honored to have been selected to lead a unit of almost a thousand men and women and consider it one of the great responsibilities and privileges of my life.

From a policy perspective, I understand health care on a multitude of levels. As a nurse, I witness the challenges we face in areas of delivery. As a health care attorney, I understand the roadblocks to delivering quality health care as a result of the constant legal wrangling within the insurance industry and the challenges this creates for providers.

As a former state representative, I understand the legislative process and how we can untie the bureaucratic knot that threatens the health of our citizens and the strength of our economy. Make no mistake, the cost of health care is a bubble ready to burst. How can we expect to reverse this course unless we send people to congress who understand the healthcare?

From a political perspective, I am a conservative. I am pro-life, pro 2nd amendment, and believe in the philosophy that people thrive more from a hand up than a hand out. We need to secure our borders.

I’m Lynne Blankenbeker and I’m ready for this mission.  I humbly ask for your vote, and I won’t let you down.



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If someone hit the “play” button on your iTunes Player/CD player/phonograph, etc—what song would play right now?

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You’re leaving on a mission to Mars, never to return. You can have one last meal on Earth—and it’s in New Hampshire. What is it?

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