As long as I have been doing radio, I always try to inject some common sense into the discussion. There’s just no common sense to be found here.

This legislative session, 161 Democrats voted against allowing schools to display ‘Live Free or Die,’ our state motto, or ‘In God We Trust,’ our national motto.

Even more ridiculous are the thoughts from Rep. Steve Woodcock (D-Conway). In discussions on the bill, Woodcock argued that displaying New Hampshire’s longtime motto in a school could cause teen suicide.

“If I am seeing students in middle school and high school who had their arms cut all the way up from razor blades because they are in pain, and I put on the front door of every building ‘Live Free or Die,’ I’m concerned about the trigger that sends that these adolescents, as they come in every day,” said Woodcock.

When NHJournal asked him to clarify, he doubled down on the remarks.

“I’m a retired school principal and I’ve seen the mental health issues our young people face,” Woodcock said. “I’ve seen the cutting, the self-mutilation. It scares me that you have people whose frontal lobes haven’t developed and they walk into a school building and it says ‘Live Free or Die,’ it can be triggering for suicide or rash actions.”

Supporting this bill, and forbidding schools from displaying whatever motto they want is so antithetical to the freedoms that we enjoy in our country.

I know there are some people that when you say the word God, they have a problem with it. That’s why I’ve talked a lot about Durham.

The town is named after a reverend and there are some people in town who wanted to get rid of the Christmas tree lighting because Jesus Christ and God are somehow offensive to them. So the town manager and they changed it to a holiday tree lighting.

Growing up, I would always remember the friends who happened to not observe Christmas, which is perfectly fine. They would still come over to our house and celebrate the season with our family. The feelings were mutual. We would go over to their house and celebrate Haunnukah with them.

Today, however, political wokeism has gone to the extreme, and some people seek to divide us all and remove religion from every facet of our lives.

I firmly believe that if Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have their way, they would remove ‘In God We Trust’ as our national motto, simply because one or two people get offended by it.

These efforts are the complete opposite of what we should be doing in our state and our country. Our kids should be taught about ‘Live Free or Die,’ they should be taught about everything that motto means. They should be taught that freedom is a good thing.

I just don’t understand what the Democrats are doing here. I could sit with most people and have a discussion, but if we can’t agree on freedom, which is the whole point of our state motto, if we can’t agree that freedom is a precious thing, then I don’t know what we can agree on.