Recently, the national Democratic Governors Association elected their new leader, Tim Walz, the Governor of Minnesota. Moments after starting his new role, Walz released a statement making his top priority clear: flipping the corner office in New Hampshire.

With Gov. Chris Sununu moving on from the corner office, the Democrats are foaming at the mouth to take back control of it. If they are successful in dragging one of their two radical candidates – Mayor Joyce Craig and Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington – across the finish line, the consequences would be disastrous.

New Hampshire residents and businesses will be forced to pay an income tax, our cities will be plagued by increased crime and migrants, and our communities will further suffer from the drug crisis already taking too many innocent lives.

In order for Republicans to beat Craig or Warmington, we need a candidate who has the message, the resources, and the grassroots support to take the fight to the Democrats. Kelly Ayotte is clearly that candidate – and no other Republican candidate comes close.

That’s why the Democrats are terrified of Kelly Ayotte – they are already attacking her daily because they know she has the support to defeat their chosen candidate next November.

When Kelly launched her campaign for governor in July, she came out firing. Kelly released more than 200 endorsements from conservative leaders across the state and across the spectrum of the Republican Party.

Since July, Kelly has continued to build out the largest grassroots campaign in the state, with elected officials and community leaders from across New Hampshire joining her campaign.

To date, Kelly has been endorsed by dozens of state representatives, including the entire Republican delegations from Merrimack and Manchester, county sheriffs, county commissioners, business leaders, and influential activists from every corner of the state. In addition, Kelly has launched veteran and law enforcement coalitions, including hundreds of Granite Staters working to spread her message across the state.

Kelly’s message that New Hampshire is only one election away from turning into Massachusetts is resonating across party lines. Whether you were born here or moved here later in life like myself, you know we have something special. The Democrats want to change New Hampshire to be like our high-tax, high-crime southern neighbor – Kelly wants to keep New Hampshire safe, prosperous, and free.

Unfortunately, the reality in modern-day politics is that money matters, and the Democrats are fully loaded with it. But Kelly is not backing down to the task of raising her own funds to compete.

Kelly recently announced the largest fundraising haul in New Hampshire state history. Since joining the race in the last week of July, Kelly has raised more than $2.74 million. Kelly’s current total raised is already one of the highest amounts in New Hampshire history. Kelly worked her tail off since July – on top of crisscrossing the state on the campaign trail – to unite resources from across the Granite State behind her campaign.

It’s a good thing Kelly is raising record amounts because we’re going to need it. With the national Democrats making this race a top priority, their nominee, whether it be Craig or Warmington, will have unlimited resources – and they will have the benefit of the Democratic Governors Association pouring money into the state.

My fellow Republicans, if we elect a nominee who does not have the resources to compete with the Democrats, we will lose. This race is too important to lose.

There is only one candidate with the message, the resources, and the grassroots support to take on the Democratic nominee and the national Democrats – and that is Kelly Ayotte. Kelly is the tough conservative who can win. And when she does, I know she will ensure our state remains safe, prosperous, and free. I hope you will join me in supporting her.