In March 2020, when the lockdown order began, I went into my daughter’s room one night and cried as I gazed into her crib. I cried because I knew the horrible things people did to one another and the terrible decisions they made because of fear. I cried because I knew history and that once a people gave power to the government, it was never returned without a fight. In that moment, everything that occurred over the subsequent three years became crystal clear in my mind. I made myself two promises that night:

1. I would shield my daughter from this “new normal” and,

2. I would do everything in my power to ensure her freedom. I put my life on hold and spent the next two years fighting lockdowns, mandates, and the real “swamp”- the bureaucracies.

In the darkest days of the disastrous COVID response, the only beacon of light was shown from Florida and Gov. Ron DeSantis. He quickly learned the errors of the scientific community and the harmful restrictions they imposed on our freedoms. I was relieved and overjoyed to see him highlighting the doctors and scientists with dissenting opinions. He also pushed back against the tyrannical localities, the medical bureaucracies, the federal government, and the mandates at every turn.

My new benchmark for whether I can cast a vote for a primary candidate in any race is: Did they see the light on the devasting COVID response by the summer of 2020? If the answer is no, then I believe this is a politician easily distracted by shiny things and does not deserve my vote. Ron DeSantis led Florida through this once-in-a-lifetime challenge with courage, wisdom, and principles. And he turned out to be right about everything. But one is always correct when they lead with principles of liberty.

Pre-COVID, a basic tenant of public health was that in any crisis, you protect the children at all costs. But during COVID, in a world gone mad, we sacrificed the children in vain through social distancing, school closures, and forced masking. The only politician in America who opposed this insanity was Ron DeSantis.

There are many mothers out there who have jumped into action to protect their children from the onslaught of lunacy that has infected our country. Whether it is protecting our children from hyper-sexualized content available in schools, ending Marxist ideology being taught in the classroom, preserving female institutions, safeguarding educational choice, or sheltering our children from the “new normal” as I did, parents in this country have had to fight to raise emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy children in an increasingly unhealthy world.

The only experienced, tested fighter in the presidential race is Ron DeSantis. That is why I’m pleased to announce that I will co-chair Mamas for DeSantis in New Hampshire.

Ron DeSantis has proven through his bold and decisive leadership in Florida and in Washington, D.C. that he knows what time it is, he knows where the bodies are buried, and he knows how to get things done. Ron DeSantis is not a politician with flashy and empty rhetoric; he keeps his promises and is principled but skilled at political warfare.

Mamas for DeSantis will be gathering mothers and grandmothers from around the country to help elect Ron DeSantis president of the United States, to be our fighter while we protect our children. We do not have any more time left to waste on egos, personalities, or distractions. We need the focused, disciplined leadership of Ron DeSantis to win back this country from the corruption and leftist extremism that plagues it.