Six members of the antisemitic organization Palestine Action have been arrested by British authorities over a plot targeting the London Stock Exchange. That is the same organization whose U.S. branch attacked the Elbit Systems facility in Merrimack in November.

That attack resulted in the arrest of three out-of-state activists, all of whom face charges ranging from criminal trespass to riot, and sabotage.

“It was alleged that activists from the Palestine Action group were intending to target the London Stock Exchange on the morning of Monday, 15 January, causing damage and ‘locking on’ in an effort to prevent the building opening for trading,” the London Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

“These are significant arrests. We believe this group was ready to carry out a disruptive and damaging stunt which could have had serious implications had it been carried out successfully,” said Detective Superintendent Sian Thomas.

The attack on the Elbit Systems facility in Merrimack occurred while employees were in the building. It also involved an attempt to lock doors and deny access to the building. The vandals damaged property, broke windows, and poured paint on the building before taking an “incendiary device” to the roof.

At least one of the vandals, Calla Walsh, said in a recent interview that while she has participated in lobbying and peaceful protests, “This moment demands so much more. We’re not just going to be politely asking our senators and representatives to stop sending weapons to Israel. We are going to put our bodies on the line and say, ‘We are stopping these weapons from going to Israel, and we dare you to stop us’.”

Calla Walsh and other members of Palestine Action US vandalize Elbit Systems in Cambridge, Mass.

Before the attack in Merrimack, Walsh was arrested after vandalizing the Elbit facility in Cambridge, Mass.

And the local financial supporter of Palestine Action, James “Fergie” Chambers, who bailed out the three suspects in the Merrimack attack, put it simply: “Israel does not deserve to exist,” he told LA Magazine. “It is a false state propped up by the West.”

He has also called on Secretary of State Antony Blinken to be hanged “for crimes against humanity” and tweeted that “If you are not unequivocally for the total annihilation of Israel, your soul is rotten.”

It has been 100 days since the Hamas terror attack against Israel that left some 1,200 dead and resulted in more than 240 people taken hostage. According to the AP, Hamas is still holding 136 hostages as Israel wages war against the terrorist organization.