Rep. Annie Kuster (D-N.H.) is touting her support for an immigration reform proposal from the New Democrat Coalition, the second-largest D.C. Democratic Party caucus which she serves as chair. As a longtime advocate for sensible immigration reform, there are some good points in the proposal I agree with.

My question is: Why is this proposal just now coming to the fore after millions upon millions of illegal aliens have already arrived in America over the past three years?

On the day Joe Biden became president, he signed executive orders incentivizing illegal immigration. He paused deportations, suspended “Remain in Mexico” for asylum seekers, and stopped border wall construction. Since those policy changes, more than eight million people have illegally entered our country, with more slipping past U.S. Border Patrol undetected.

These illegal aliens came with financial incentives from the Democratic administration in D.C. and an understanding that they would be granted sanctuary in states like New York and Massachusetts, offering free housing, food, cash benefits, and travel. As a direct result of these deliberate choices by the president and his party, our open borders have induced a humanitarian and national security crisis.

Rep. Kuster assures concerned Granite Staters that America is “a country of immigrants and laws.” But at every turn, she has supported the Biden administration and her party in choosing not to enforce the current laws on our books under the Immigration and Naturalization Act.

Now, she offers new government solutions to the border crisis problems they created and tries to normalize the situation by helping the illegal aliens they invited in with financial incentives to get legal status quickly.

If Rep. Kuster really wants to address New Hampshire’s workforce issues, as she claims, there are 5 million people in the world who have filed applications for legal entry to the U.S. with sponsors and have been waiting in line for years to be processed. Why did the Democrats not offer any solutions to let them in first?

My own brother waited in line for 13 years, did all the paperwork, and paid for background checks and health screenings. After coming to America, he and his family were not allowed to receive any welfare because the sponsors (my husband and I) were responsible for them.

He and his wife got jobs within the first six months of arriving here, though they spoke little English. They lived with us for two years until they were able to move out to their own place. After eight years, they are still not citizens, but they are now studying for the civics test to pass it and become U.S. citizens.

Allowing illegal aliens to cut to the front of the line is a slap in the face to the people who follow our laws.

At every turn, Rep. Kuster has made it clear that she supports this state of affairs. She endorses Biden’s open border policies, ignores the current laws on the books, permits the abuse of our political asylum system, and willfully oversees the draining of resources from our communities. And to top it off, she voted no on the Laken Riley Act to deport illegal aliens who commit crimes.

The Biden administration has made efforts to remove the term ‘illegal aliens’ from official communications and documents. Erasing the difference between legal and illegal immigrants is very insulting to all the people who came here the right way, including the political asylum seekers.

If Rep. Kuster really respects the rule of law in our country, she and her New Democrat Coalition should pressure President Biden to enforce our current immigration laws on the books, secure the southern and northern borders now, and streamline the process for the legals who are waiting for their entry and eager to work here to live their American Dream. Otherwise, what she said and proposed is entirely lacking in sincerity and credibility – a push to legalize millions of illegal aliens so Democrats can gain voters on the backs of American taxpayers.