Within minutes of Gov. Chris Sununu’s announcement he’s not seeking re-election, Republicans who wanted to replace him were commenting on his departure.

Within hours, the Democratic Governor’s Association had announced a Thursday press conference to attack Republicans and begin making the case for a Democrat in the corner office.

Sununu’s decision is big news on both sides of the aisle. Here are some of the reactions:

RGA Chair Governor Kim Reynolds released the following statement thanking Governor Chris Sununu for his leadership in New Hampshire:

“Governor Chris Sununu has been a tireless leader for the Granite State over his four terms as New Hampshire’s Governor, and we thank him for his incredible record of service.

“Governor Sununu never backed down from a challenge. He made it a priority to deliver balanced budgets, lower taxes, improve education, and address substance use disorders for New Hampshire citizens. And, thanks to Governor Sununu’s leadership, New Hampshire now ranks number one in the nation for personal freedom. I look forward to seeing the work he continues over these next two years.

“The RGA is committed to ensuring the Granite State continues to have the leadership of a Republican Governor who will prioritize the health, safety and prosperity of the people of New Hampshire.”


New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley reacts:

“Sununu’s legacy is marked by some of the highest electricity rates, rising housing costs, and property taxes in the nation. Sununu signed the first modern abortion ban in New Hampshire history and, under his leadership, we emerged as the only state in New England without affirmative protections for abortion rights. As he continued to fail Granite Staters, Sununu’s impact on the state can also be observed in his role leading the rapidly shrinking Republican legislative majority in the State House, whose extreme legislation and behavior have become the frequent target of late-night talk shows.”

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire State Director Greg Moore also released a statement thanking Governor Sununu for the policies he championed:

“Over his four terms, Gov. Sununu built a historic legacy in a number of critical areas. This year, he signed into law a budget that eliminates the state’s interest and dividends tax, which does away with the state’s last income tax. Employers similarly received major tax relief under Sununu, which has made our economy the strongest in the region.

“Every year, more and more people move to New Hampshire and now licensed professionals won’t have to jump through unnecessary hoops to practice their trade, thanks to the state’s new universal recognition of occupational licenses.

“Perhaps most importantly for the future of the state, Sununu supported the creation and expansion of Education Freedom Accounts, which has greatly grown the educational options available to Granite State students and empowered families to seek out the best education to suit their child.

“We thank Governor Sununu for his efforts in these areas and thank him for his work to advance freedom and economic progress.”