“Scranton Joe” isn’t the only Biden who is struggling in the polls in New Hampshire. His son Hunter isn’t doing too hot, either — even among Democrats.

In the latest Granite State Poll, a States of Opinion Project, conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, “nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of Granite Staters believe Hunter Biden has done something illegal, 22 percent believe he has done something unethical but not illegal, 1 percent think he has done nothing wrong, and 12 percent are unsure.”

Most surprising was how Granite State Democrats viewed Hunter Biden. Despite months of left-leaning media outlets dismissing the Hunter Biden controversy as either a hoax or a Republican-generated distraction, local Democrats overwhelmingly believed he engaged in problematic behavior.



In the survey, 73 percent of New Hampshire Democrats either believed Hunter Biden has broken the law (30 percent) or is ethically corrupt (43 percent).

Just three percent of Granite State Dems believed Hunter “did nothing wrong.”

That was far lower than the 20 percent of Republicans who, despite four indictments, told UNH they believed former President Donald Trump “definitely” didn’t break the law.

Independent voters were even more negative about Hunter Biden than Democrats. A whopping 90 percent said Hunter Biden either broke the law (78 percent) or acted unethically (12 percent). And they overwhelmingly believed Hunter was getting special treatment from his father’s Department of Justice.



New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley refused to answer questions about the new poll and what it says about the voters’ view of his party when it comes to the issue of political corruption. Buckley is currently being sued over political mailers containing false information about a Republican state Senate candidate. Buckley also refuses to return thousands of dollars in political contributions from Sam Bankman-Fried, despite federal prosecutors saying the money was stolen from the disgraced FTX founder’s customers.

All four members of the federal delegation also would not say whether they agree with a majority of their fellow Granite Staters that Hunter Biden broke the law or at the least, behaved unethically. Or with the 63 percent of Granite Staters who believed Hunter Biden is getting special treatment.

New Hampshire GOP state chairman Chris Ager said he was not surprised by the poll results.

“Even a blind squirrel knows Hunter Biden is guilty.”