Donald Trump’s poll numbers in New Hampshire peaked when he was sworn in as president. After narrowly losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by a mere 3,000 votes, he began his presidency in January 2017 with a 45-44 percent approval rating in the Granite State.

Today, just over a month before the midterm election, his New Hampshire approval number is down to 40 percent, while his disapprove is up to 57 percent. That’s as high or higher than Trump’s disapproval in blue states like Connecticut, New Jersey and Minnesota.

President Trump’s approval has declined 18 percent in New Hampshire since he took office. Now the question is whether his falling fortunes will drag down fellow Republicans like Gov. Chris Sununu. So far, the answer has been “no.” In the last Morning Consult poll of governors, Chris Sununu was at 61-22 percent approval.

More recently, the NHJournal poll found that while Donald Trump was at 41 approve/54 disapprove, Gov. Sununu’s approval was at 55-24 percent.¬†¬†Morning Consult’s new governor’s approval ratings will be released on Tuesday.

The new Morning Consult numbers show that Trump’s approval among Republicans nationwide remains high: 83 percent.¬† This is significantly higher than the 72 percent GOP support he had in August’s NHJournal poll.