What does the leadership of your political party do when the economy has been turned upside down in a little over 18 months and inflation is the number one concern of voters? When your presidential pick has been unequivocally shown to be in cognitive decline? When you have nothing you can point to that your party is accomplishing either nationally or locally, other than the utter destruction of everyone’s finances? And most of all, what do you do when your favorite bogeyman (in this case, the country’s former president) just isn’t in the minds of the population and is not scaring anyone anymore? Well, you create a new bogeyman.

To this end, New Hampshire’s far-left Democrats (and recently, even a couple of left-of-center Republicans) have consolidated their unbridled ire and nastiness around members of the so-called “Free Staters” and any like-minded Republicans. And I realize, that most reading this have never even heard of this group. It’s truly amazing. Big government socialists (New Hampshire Democrats) believe they can convince you that a group of individuals that represent less than half of one percent of our state’s population, those that have moved to our state to advance liberty, freedom, and generally conservative values, are the impetus for everything they deem unsavory in our state.

When you hear or read something from our state’s left-leaning activists deriding freedom-loving Americans, simply disregard this ongoing coordinated attack. Ask them just what they actually know about those they rail against; it will only result in blank stares as their activists only regurgitate the mantra handed down by the party leaders. Then, invite them to take some time to research these freedom-loving, small bureaucracy New Hampshire citizens.

So, I have an idea for New Hampshire’s leftwing activists as well as the couple of their quiet backers who claim to be Republicans: Pick a very blue state and start your own project to advance the socialism and communism you espouse. We have one such state just to our west that might fit the bill nicely and the move wouldn’t be very far or too costly. Or how about choosing one of the poorly run, fiscally insane blue state gems like New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, or California? All are exclusively run by like-minded Democrats and faux Republicans. Of course, those states have some of the overall highest tax burdens that will only continue to increase as middle-income earners and the wealthy leave those states in droves for greener pastures in red or conservatively run states like ours.

Now that I think of it, maybe when New Hampshire’s Democrats choose their idyllic utopian blue state to migrate to, we conservatives can start a fund to help with their moving expenses. We, as self-reliant types, would never ask someone else to pay for our move, but I’m sure there would be a ground swell of donations from red-blooded New Hampshire citizens to facilitate this effort. I’ll even make the first donation!