Just two days after insisting that her campaign’s re-focus on Iowa didn’t mean she was giving up on New Hampshire, the California senator has abandoned the Granite State entirely, cutting all of her field organizers in the state. In fact, Harris is planning on mailing in her filing documents and check, not even bothering to send a surrogate on her behalf.

“It’s the complete ‘kiss off,’ a Democratic operative backing another candidate told NHJournal.

According to CBS News, Harris is cutting all of her field organizers in New Hampshire and all three field offices (Portsmouth, Manchester and Keene) and more than half of her New Hampshire staff being laid off. The campaign has also announced Harris will definitely not be coming to New Hampshire to file her paperwork for the First In The Nation primary–a media opportunity most candidates are happy to exploit.

Instead, it’s possible Harris may simply put the paperwork in the mail. Secretary of State Bill Gardner, who held the office for more than 40 years, told CBS he couldn’t remember a major presidential candidate mailing in their paperwork.

“The lesser-known candidates, a lot of them file by mail,” Gardner said.

Harris continues to refer to herself as a “top-tier candidate,” despite polling below long-shot candidates like Andrew Yang and Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.  But in New Hampshire, she’s certainly not campaigning like one.

“Beto looked at the polls and dropped out,” the campaign operative told NHJournal. “What’s her excuse?”