My name is Mario Talamas, and I am pro-Palestine.

I support the people of Gaza’s right to self-determination. They have been living in an open-air prison for 15 years.

Israel is an apartheid state that needs to be dismantled. I do not support the unconditional aid of the United States to Israel. This American taxpayer money goes to kill children and innocent civilians.

We sit and watch the news as if these human beings are numbers on a screen as we see the death toll rise – 1,000 Palestinian children dead, 1,400 Israelis dead, including 200 soldiers. Notice that Hamas killed soldiers while Israel killed children.

While I would hate to see more bloodshed, I feel other countries need to step in to stop the bloodshed. The international community and the United Nations are useless. Israel has been violating international law for decades. They use white phosphorus; they are using starvation of Gazans as a war tactic.

What about the right of Palestinians to defend themselves? It’s high time there be a Palestinian state, not a two-state solution but one state where there is real democracy and Palestinian natives have equal rights to the Israelis who decide to stay after Palestine is liberated. We can call it Palestine or Israel. I choose to say Palestine.

As far as the Jews go, yes, I’m sorry about the Holocaust, but that doesn’t give you the right to do the same thing to the Palestinians that was done to you. They were and are innocent people living on their land and had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

All Netanyahu had to do was a prisoner exchange. Yes, I am referring to the hostages taken by Hamas as prisoners of war. All the bloodshed in Gaza could have been avoided. But it seems that they don’t care about the hostages/ prisoners taken. They care more about a military victory and destroying Gaza and the Palestinians.

What Israel has been doing is terrorism. They imprison children for throwing stones. They demolish homes. Armed settlers shoot at and kill Palestinian shepherds. They restrict civilian movement with checkpoints. They erase entire Palestinian cities, towns, and villages and rename them with new Israeli names. They demolish schools and take down the Palestinian flag. Don’t these people have anything better to do? They massacre refugee camps like in 1982 Sabra and Shatila.

All while the world watches and feels sorry for the Jews because of the Holocaust. It’s time people be fair to the Jews and hold them responsible for their crimes. It’s antisemitic to let them keep on committing genocide and just say, ‘Oh, we have your back.’ I’m talking about the United States here.

I watch Al Jazeera news because I feel they are the most accurate and unbiased. And I am following this war very closely because I am rooting for Palestine. From the river to the sea, may Palestine be free!