The hallmark of New Hampshire has always been its commitment to upholding the rule of law. As the Granite State, we pride ourselves on our strong, law-abiding communities and responsible governance. That’s why the recent push by Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants is not only deeply infuriating but is also a direct violation of our state’s values. This audacious stance alone disqualifies her from her bid for governor.

Craig, who aspires to hold our state’s highest office, seems to have lost sight of the fundamental responsibility to enforce our laws and protect the rights of lawful citizens. Granting New Hampshire licenses to those who have entered and are residing in our country illegally presents significant concerns for the safety, economy, and integrity of our state. Let’s be unequivocally clear: it will never be an appropriate time to provide driver’s licenses or non-driver IDs to illegal immigrants.

Proponents of such policies argue they promote safer roads and enable illegal immigrants to contribute more substantially to our economy. However, those arguments drastically undermine the importance of immigration laws and unfairly privilege those who bypass legal channels to enter and reside in our country. These advocates seemingly disregard the thousands of immigrants who patiently and lawfully navigated the complicated immigration process to secure their rightful place in our society.

By endorsing this reckless policy, Craig signals her readiness to prioritize the desires of illegal immigrants over the needs and security of New Hampshire’s lawful residents. Such a disposition is antithetical to the role of a competent governor. A governor’s paramount duty is to guarantee the safety and uphold the rights of all legal residents, a concept Craig evidently misunderstands.

Disturbingly, Craig’s endorsement of this policy is symptomatic of a larger trend among liberal leaders who are all too eager to dismantle the robust policies we’ve implemented to build a safe and prosperous society. Their ongoing efforts threaten to unravel the significant progress we’ve made, highlighting a serious misalignment with the values and needs of our constituents.

Illegal immigration is a complex and contentious issue requiring thoughtful and lawful solutions. Policies that incentivize illegal entry, such as granting driver’s licenses, do not constitute appropriate or fair solutions. They undermine our legal system, compromise our security, and disrespect those who have gone through the legal immigration process.

New Hampshire has in Gov. Chris Sununu a governor who respects our laws, values our security, and prioritizes the needs of lawful residents. New Hampshire will always need a leader who understands the nuances of governance, not one who capitulates to misguided liberal ideals. Craig’s support for granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants is a telling sign of her lack of regard for the rule of law and her unpreparedness for the governor’s office.

Candidates like Joyce Craig are exactly why I founded Granite Solutions, the leading conservative advocacy group in New Hampshire. We need to make sure we can hold these candidates and elected officials accountable for their wild policy proposals that all too often get buried by noise before voters go to the ballot box. By joining and supporting Granite Solutions at, you too can help us defend our future as a State while holding reckless politicians like Joyce Craig accountable for her out-of-touch policy proposals.

We must thwart Joyce Craig’s aspirations before she has the chance to further compromise our state’s security, prosperity, and integrity. New Hampshire’s future deserves a leader who upholds our values and puts our citizens first. Craig’s alarming stance on granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants indicates that she is not that leader. The future of our beloved Granite State requires elected officials who will stand for us all, not just a select few.