I am writing to address the bill H.R. 1 that is currently being debated in the U.S. Senate.

As a citizen, we are all busy; some in our everyday lives which have been compromised by the pandemic and our changes in our lifestyles. I don’t think the citizens of our great State of New Hampshire know that this bill is being deliberated at this time.

As I write this letter, this bill is stripping away our ability to decide policy and voting in New Hampshire and giving the federal government the right to dictate who votes in our state, and our state’s policies in the future.  If this bill were to pass, New Hampshire would give up the redistricting areas of our State to Washington.

Do you want Nancy Pelosi establishing our voting districts in a redistricting plan? I don’t want Nancy Pelosi or Kevin McCarthy or anyone in Washington telling us, as citizens of New Hampshire, what to do.

I am asking you to call and write your senators and telling them that we want to keep the New Hampshire advantage and to leave control of New Hampshire’s affairs by the people of New Hampshire. I am also concerned that the Federal

The government will control the next step in this process by taking away our right to self-govern.  This is called Socialism, when our local powers are taken away and transferred to a central government.

Not surprisingly, Senator Hassan is a sponsor of this bill. She has voted 96 percent of the time with Chuck Schumer.

I am concerned that this bill has a good chance of passing. This bill is a ruse. It’s being presented as legislation guaranteeing everyone can vote. That is bogus as our own Secretary of State, Bill Gardner,  who is a Democrat and who is supported by both parties and over many years, has testified before Congress not to pass this. Bill Gardner has done an outstanding job for the people of New Hampshire.

This is why I am trying to make people aware of what is in this bill and that it is happening right now. Without outrage over this bill, this is going to be enacted into law by our Democrat Senators voting for this! They have the ability to stop this and save our rights in New Hampshire.

This is a step towards Socialism by taking our rights away and giving our power to Washington bureaucrats. I ask you, who do you trust? Please contact your representatives and insist they vote no on H.R. 1.




John B. Sullivan, Jr. is a retired commercial real estate developer of 40+ years and long time Bedford, NH resident