Thursday night we watched in disbelief as President Joe Biden’s weakness played out on the world stage. It is shameful that Democrats have been deceiving the American people and, frankly, the free world by attempting to cover up his cognitive decline.

Biden’s policies have been destroying America’s prosperity, safety, and standing. The decline of our nation’s health has tracked with Biden’s, which begs the question—who is actually making the decisions for the nation?  It is terrifyingly clear that it is not Biden. Yet, the coverup continues.

The day after the debate Kathy Sullivan, former New Hampshire  Democratic party chair, held a press conference demanding that Democrats get behind Biden. Only recently, state Senator Donna Soucy, New Hampshire Senate Democratic Leader, declared her allegiance to Biden, stating that, “He is doing a great job.” It is blatantly clear that leaders of the Democratic Party, and especially those close to Biden, have known for a long time that he is incapable of leading.

Sen. Soucy’s statement shows how out of touch she and her party are with the plight of the average family. Democrats are turning a deaf ear to their constituents, who are facing enormous increases in the cost of feeding, housing, and clothing for their families. The Democratic elected officials and mouthpieces for Biden keep trying to convince us that the economy is great and we are all better off now than we were four years ago. Democratic leadership only cares about remaining in power.  That is their only objective. Their actions show that they do not care about you or your family or how much you are suffering.

Gone is the party of JFK and “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” patriotism. The Democratic Party has become one of great deception and greed.  They have gone to extreme lengths to lie to the world about Biden’s condition just as they have lied for years about Republican candidates and policies for years.

Now that they have had their, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” moment, there is a lot of speculation as to what might happen at the Democratic National Convention. No matter the outcome, Democratic leadership has lost the trust of the American people. Their lies have come to light. Their disrespect for and distrust of American voters seems to be the impetus for their actions.

This November I will be voting for America and American ideals.  I will be voting for my sons who are draft age and should not be made to fight in a war that can be completely avoided, and I will be voting for the American family who can no longer afford the policies of the last four years.

But make no mistake, our state is just as vulnerable to the manipulation as the nation has been.  I, and so many other strong Republican candidates, are running for office in order to help protect New Hampshire families from the radical left’s legislation that they file each year. Policies that would decimate the New Hampshire Advantage and destroy our Live Free or Die way of life. Regardless of the lies and manipulation of the far-left extremists, New Hampshire has maintained a Republican line of defense against Democratic leadership’s attempts to force their national agenda on New Hampshire. Now that the extent of their deceptive practices has been revealed to the world, it is time to unite.

From the JFK, blue-collar Democrats who are tired of being lied to, to the liberty-minded folks who want the government to stay out of their business, to the Republicans who want limited government and individual liberty for all citizens and everyone in between, we need to unite behind a message of a strong, resilient America and the promise of prosperity for our children’s futures.

It has never been more evident that we are in fact one election away from losing everything we hold dear. It is this year and this election. We need to elect leaders who will honor and respect our citizens and not those that have lied and deceived the nation about our president’s health for their own benefit while placing our very way of life at risk.