New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Steve Stepanek sent the following e-mail to New Hampshire Republican State Committee members:


State Committee Members,

I wanted to reach out to everyone in light of the technical difficulties that transpired yesterday during our State Committee meeting. We recognize that the process, although thoroughly tested on our previous caucuses, was not suitable for the meeting.

The inability to find a venue that is suitable to run the meeting in person with nearly 500 people during the Chinese pandemic greatly hindered our effectiveness. After the meeting adjourned yesterday, I called for an emergency Executive Committee meeting for this upcoming Monday night to deliberate the steps forward for the remaining business in front of the State Committee.

We will work diligently to ensure that the voices of the State Committee members are heard in this process, that any debates on bylaws and resolutions are postponed until we can safely meet in person, and that we finalize the election of the remaining offices so the State Committee’s work can be finalized while ensuring every State Committee Member can participate in the vote while ensuring integrity.

Emotions ran high yesterday, coupled with the frustrations of our virtual meeting and the current reality we live in only added to the outcome. We recognize that many felt they were not part of the process and we deeply regret that. Every member of our organization deserves to be heard. We will be charting a path forward for implementing solutions to the process to ensure New Hampshire Republicans can be as organized as possible for the upcoming special and local elections along with the 2022 midterms.

In spite of that, we are all volunteers in this party and that includes Bryan Gould, a good person who has donated hundreds of hours of his legal talent over the years to the NHGOP. Yesterday some of the comments directed at him were totally unacceptable. We are fortunate to have a strong group of State Members, who bring to our party the ideas needed to win elections. We may not all agree at times, however, while I am Chairman we will all respect each other.

Without that respect, our party will cease to function.


Stephen Stepanek
NHRSC Chairman