As I celebrated Independence Day and our republic’s birth 248 years ago, I was set to thinking about those who were screaming on the media about how this might be our last celebration of democracy in the USA.

In this crucial time in American history, the differences between the Democratic and Republican Parties have big consequences for where our country is headed. It’s not just about what they believe in, but also what their names stand for in our government and national identity.

With all the talk about “protecting democracy,” it’s important to understand what democracy really means. The United States wasn’t organized as a direct democracy, where everyone votes on everything. Instead, it’s a republic where we elect representatives to speak for us. Our Founding Fathers set it up this way to make sure everyone’s voice, no matter how small, could be heard.

Our representative republic is smart because it balances the needs and ideas of all states, no matter how many people live there. This stops big states from bossing around smaller ones, and ensures everyone’s rights are respected. This system has helped us make big strides – like ending slavery, giving women the right to vote, and protecting freedoms like religion and speech.

But today, some in the Democratic Party want to change our system into more of a direct democracy. That would weaken the core principles that have defined our nation for so long. A direct democracy would move decision-making power to Washington, and ignore smaller states. This approach risks leaving out different views that don’t match the majority. Certainly, had we been a direct democracy, interracial marriage would not have been recognized in New Hampshire until 1967, at the earliest, although marriage records show New Hampshire recognized interracial marriages much earlier.

As Republicans, we believe in keeping our fair and inclusive representative republic. We think every person, no matter their background or beliefs, should have an equal chance to shape our country’s future. We’re against turning America into a pure democracy because it could silence voices that are vital to our country’s success.

When Democrats talk about “protecting democracy,” we need to remember that our strength comes from our representative republic. We should all remind each other that America’s greatness comes from representing everyone fairly, not just letting the majority rule unchecked. We value every voice in our country, no matter how big or small.

Let’s stand together to protect the heart of our republic. We must oppose any changes that threaten the rights and freedoms of every person, no matter where they come from or what they believe. Our strength lies in a system where everyone’s voice matters and is respected, ensuring that no one group gets drowned out by another. Fairness, equality, and making sure everyone has a say, have always been what makes America strong, and it’s up to us to keep these principles strong for our future.

Remember, it’s not a “fight for democracy”, but a fight to save our republic.