Cowabunga, dude!

Dozens of cars were keyed when Republicans gathered at Concord High School two weeks ago for a state convention. Now, Concord Police want to speak with a skateboarding “person of interest” caught on video around the same place and time.

“I just hope someone comes through and identifies this bastard. I want to see him caught, and I want to see him in court,” said Di Lothrop, a Nashua Republican who had her car damaged while she was attending the convention.

Police started investigating soon after the damage was reported, though the image of the skateboarding individual is the first development made public. On Wednesday, Concord Police released the image through the Concord Regional Crimeline website.

The “person of interest” image comes from surveillance video footage taken of the area around the parked cars. The person, wearing a hat and baggy clothing, is reportedly seen skateboarding around the cars, later reported had been keyed, according to police.

Anyone with information about the skateboarder or the vandalism is being urged to contact Concord Police Detective Evan Cristy at (603 )225-8600, or the Concord Regional Crimeline at (603) 226-3100, or online through People can also text a tip to the Crimeline by texting TIP234 and the message.

Party officials released a statement praising Concord Police for the effort in the ongoing investigation.

“The NHGOP is grateful for the diligent hard work of the Concord PD in this investigation from day one and appreciate their efforts to bring those responsible to justice for the thousands of dollars in damage they caused while Republicans gathered for party business.”

Lothrop told NHJournal she believes there may be more than one vandal given the large number of cars damaged. She’s been sharing the image on social media since it was released, hoping someone will come forward with information leading to an arrest. She’s spending a substantial amount of money this week in insurance deductibles to get her car repaired, and she’s also preparing to be without her vehicle for more than a week. All because she volunteers for one of the two main political parties in America.

“It’s still something that sticks in my craw that someone would do this,” Lothrop said.

The state convention is essentially a volunteer-run operation with delegates and representatives getting together to craft policy for the party platform. It’s also a public event held in a public facility, open to everyone. Lothrop is unnerved by the idea she and others were intentionally targeted in this manner, calling the actions malicious and sad at the same time.

There has been an increase in political vandalism and violence from the left in recent years, as evidenced by events on Ivy League college campuses this week. Hundreds of arrests have been made, police officers have been assaulted, and several people hospitalized by progressive protesters denouncing America’s support for Israel in its war with Hamas.

Much of the angry rhetoric and threats is targeting Jews, both in Israel and the U.S. A progressive activist arrested after vandalizing an Israeli-owned business in Merrimack, N.H., has been posting celebrations of the Oct. 7 terror attack and slogans from Hamas on her social media feed.

There is so much concern about the safety of Jewish students at Columbia University that administrators are allowing remote learning until the end of the semester.