While it might be better for New Hampshire to have what some might think of as a “better” stable of candidates for governor, we live in an imperfect world, and we must simply make do with the choices we are given. And some of them stand out — some for good reasons and others not so good.

There should be little doubt by voters that a vote for either of the Democratic candidates is a vote for making New Hampshire over in the mold of Massachusetts.

One of those Democratic candidates has actually been endorsed by the failed governor of Massachusetts. And that same candidate essentially promises to do for and to our entire state what she has done as mayor of, and for, Manchester — a dangerous, homeless-infested downtown, with many other assorted unsolved problems.

That being said, it is essential to try to understand exactly who Kelly Ayotte is, what has she accomplished, and for what does she stand.

Kelly served for years as a homicide prosecutor and later as New Hampshire’s attorney general, during which she put many very bad actors in prison. Her most memorable case, in which she handled the trial personally, was the prosecution of the most evil thug from Boston who murdered Manchester police officer Michael Briggs in 2006. That bad actor today sits on our death row, the last person so sentenced before our death penalty was, unfortunately, repealed. Yes, he is still on death row, housed and fed at taxpayer expense, never yet having paid the price for the heinous murder he committed 18 years ago.

Regardless of whatever differences Kelly might have had with President Trump early in his first campaign, that is very old news. Republicans should remember that when it came time for President Trump to try to reshape the federal judiciary, especially the Supreme Court of the United States, he chose Kelly to be the point person to shepherd the nomination of Neil Gorsuch through the tortuous confirmation process to become a justice. And, as we all know, Gorsuch was ultimately confirmed, even over the vociferous objections of most Democrats and many left-wing advocacy groups.

That was quite an accomplishment for Kelly, to say the least.

Kelly has by far the best record of actual accomplishments in public life, so let’s give her a fair shake.