Of the $1.4 million in campaign cash collected by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in the first quarter of this year, only 6 percent came directly from supporters in her home state of New Hampshire.

According to Shaheen’s disclosure documents, she received $1,447,434.04 in campaign donations, of which $152,380 (10.5 percent) were individual itemized donations from the Granite State. Donors in the three deep-blue states of Massachusetts, California and New York alone contributed $362,861, or a quarter of her total haul.

That $1.4 million also includes $397,532 collected from various PACs and campaign committees. How much of that money came from committees based in New Hampshire?


“Senator Shaheen is happy to boast her first quarter fundraising as some kind of indication that people of the Granite State support her re-election. But where her money comes from doesn’t support that narrative,” NHGOP state chairman Steve Stepanek said in a statement. “As more Granite Staters are tuning in and seeing how Liberal Washington D.C. has transformed Jeanne Shaheen, expect fewer Granite State contributions going forward.”

About $190,000 of Shaheen’s donations came from non-itemized individual contributions–people who donated $200 or less–and it is likely some of those donors were Granite Staters. But even looking exclusively at disclosed donations, more than 85 percent of Shaheen’s contributions came from out of state donors.  Nearly half of her total (46 percent) came in checks of at least $1,000 or more.

Several of the 2020 Democratic primary candidates have made sizeable donations to Shaheen’s re-election campaign, including:

  • Purpose PAC (Sen. Cory Booker): $5,000
  • Fearless for the People (Sen. Kamala Harris): $5,000
  • Follow the North Star Fund (Sen. Amy Klobuchar): $10,000
  • Off the Sidelines (Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand): $10,000

And the more mundane “Warren for President” committee which donated $2,000.

Warren’s donation may simply be smart politics in a must-win state, but she’s hardly the only far-Left candidate or committee to support Senator Shaheen. Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley’s progressive Blue Wave Project gave her $2,500, and the pro-open-borders union activist group UNITE HERE gave $5,000.

Thanks to this generosity, Sen. Shaheen was able to report $1,521,776.17 cash on hand.

New Hampshire Democrats have long argued that Shaheen is a bipartisan moderate–despite data from progressive and good government organizations indicating otherwise.  Her first quarter financial filings show out of state and progressive Democratic activists think highly of Senator Jeanne Shaheen, no matter how she markets herself.