In a new podcast interview, former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown said that then-Vice President Joe Biden got handsy with Gail Huff Brown when the newly-elected Republican was being sworn in, and he had to let Biden know to cut it out.

“Yeah, I told him I would kick the sh… uh… I told him to stop,” Brown said. “So, yes.”

Brown made the comments on Tom Shattuck’s Burn Barrel podcast, a Massachusetts-based show hosted by the former Boston Herald Radio personality and his wife, Alice.

Shattuck raised the issue of Biden’s odd behavior around women over the years, including highly-publicized incidents of hair sniffing (both women and children) and overly-familiar touching. Shattuck suggested women voters didn’t like what they were seeing.

“Biden has taken a hit in the polls, especially in the last few months. This thing with his granddaughter really stuck,” Shattuck said, referencing Biden’s unwillingness to acknowledge the granddaughter his son Hunter fathered out of wedlock with an exotic dancer.

“Also, I think people are irked out about all the hair sniffing and things when he went overseas. I think women are skeeved out by that stuff. He’s not a good guy. You know him…” Shattuck said before Brown interrupted.

“I did know him. I spent quite a bit of time with him. I enjoyed his company. But that’s not Joe Biden,” Brown said.

“We all know people who have dementia and have the beginning of Alzheimer’s, and he’s got it. I mean, it’s the walk. It’s the way he’s mumbling, his angry outbursts. And it’s a shame that we can’t do better in this great country.”

A recent Harris Poll found 43 percent of Democrats agreed with Brown and believe Biden is showing signs he is too old to be president. In the new NHJournal/co-efficient poll, nearly half of Granite Staters said 75 or older is too old to serve as president.

Shattuck then prodded Brown to repeat a story he had told on Boston Herald Radio years ago regarding Biden’s behavior at Brown’s swearing-in.

Brown demurred. “It’s old news. Yes, he didn’t act the way I thought he should. And we called him on it, and that’s it.”

Brown is playing a role in the First in the Nation primary, hosting what he calls his “No B.S. BBQ” events in Rye with the GOP presidential candidates. He has one with Vivek Ramaswamy scheduled for this Sunday.

Gail Huff Brown ran unsuccessfully for Congress in the First District GOP primary in 2022. Scott Brown is widely believed to be considering another U.S. Senate bid in New Hampshire, perhaps in 2026, when Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s seat comes up for re-election.