Quips, quotes, and highlights from podcasts across America 

The Week of July 16, 2021


“Critical race theory is anti-American nonsense rejecting our founding principles.”
— U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on the New Hampshire Journal podcast.


“I found out all the stuff we found out about him … and I thought, well, I guess, this is a guy that doesn’t like it offered up. So my crush with him is, yes, O-V-E-R. I offered myself up to Andrew Cuomo. In the pandemic, I was very turned on by his morning news conferences, as many of us were.”
— Comedian Chelsea Handler, Sway podcast, on losing her crush on Andrew Cuomo following his sexual misconduct scandal.


“I met Trump this past weekend, I shook his hand. He has regular-sized hands, by the way, the media, they’re full of [expletive]. When he walked in man, I’m telling you, they cheered the [expletive] out of him.
— Joe Rogan, The Joe Rogan Experience, on meeting Trump at the UFC.


“Joe Biden has used language before talking about Jim Crow and so forth. What this is designed to do is make sure people don’t actually discuss the substance and the details of any measure. But they just seem to be hoping to cast all their Republican opponents as white supremacists and bigots and advocates of Jim Crow. I don’t think it’s a winning strategy, especially as things calm down.”
— WSJ Columnist Bill McGurn, Potomac Watch podcast, on the Democrat response to Republican election reform proposals.


“We’re all much more centrist than we’re led to believe we are. We have the numbers… We’re running the ship. Now, there’s a couple of militia pirate groups that are coming over on the far right and the far left and we’re being told that they’re the absolute boogeyman and we better be scared… Let’s kick ’em off the boat. Don’t let ’em board.”
— Matthew McConaughey, Commune Podcast, teasing his strategy for a potential Texas gubernatorial run.


“A faction turned, but there’s no question the media represented this as so much worse than it actually was. So they got tarred by the actions of some losers who went a different way. And then the media did what it does, which is any bad behavior gets attributed to the entire group of Trump supporters.”
— Megyn Kelly, The Megyn Kelly Show, on the events of January 6th.


“So there really aren’t very many options for Democrats in Texas and-and that’s something that we’re seeing in other states as well. So we have certainly seen, um, people in other states looking to Democrats in Texas to see how they handle this. And I’m sure they’re taking notes.”
— Stef Kight, Axios Today podcast, on the Texas Democrat walkout.