On this special edition of the NHJournal podcast, Gov. Chris Sununu talks about the current state of New Hampshire politics, from education funding to Rep. Kuster’s farewell to the 2024 POTUS race in the Granite State.

Among the highlights:

On Governor’s Race: “Joyce Craig might go down as the worst mayor in the history of Manchester. Even in Manchester, they didn’t want the city run by Joyce Craig. Do you think the rest of the state wants it to look like Manchester? God no!”

On Debating Colin Van Ostern in 2016:  “Like a lot of Democrat debaters, there were a lot of  mistruths in there, there was a lot of emotion… as opposed to the facts and figures of good management.”

On 2024 POTUS Race in New Hampshire: “It’s going to be competitive. I didn’t think that a year ago, but there’s no doubt in New Hampshire, Biden’s blowing it. Even the Biden team knows Trump has a shot here.”



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