Too often, politicians expect our loyalty and support without proving they deserve it. There’s one candidate in this race who always puts the voters’ needs above all else – even when the mainstream media, corporate America, and D.C. talking heads don’t like it. That’s Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The ethos of DeSantis’ hard work is exemplified by the grassroots efforts behind him operating across the country. Here in New Hampshire alone, the group Never Back Down has knocked on the doors of over 230,000 homes, spreading the governor’s message of restoring sanity to America, which is increasingly resonating with Granite Staters. And recently, Never Back Down hit their two millionth door knocked nationwide right here in our state.

House Majority Leader Jason Osborne and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.)

Yes, you read that right. Two million doors knocked, and voters reached in just a few short months. This figure far surpasses the efforts of every other political operation and marks a significant achievement in presidential politics. These are significant conversations held at voters’ own homes about the future of our country, and no one is doing this more or better than Team DeSantis.

Team DeSantis is setting the standard, and the grassroots efforts behind him is what sets him apart from the rest of the GOP field – including Donald Trump. Ron DeSantis is putting in the work to earn each and every one of our votes.

In New Hampshire, we’re very accustomed to presidential politicking and being told empty promises every four years. It’s time we stop listening to the candidates who want our votes to work for them without them following through on any of their promises in return. Gov. DeSantis has proven time and time again that he will put the people first. He will fight for our support just like he’ll fight to protect our constitutional freedoms and our families – just like he’s done his whole life. He stands up against unelected officials in Washington during COVID, pushes back against Woke corporations, and protects our children from radical ideologies being pushed by activist school boards.

As the political season ramps up into the fall with debates, campaign stops, TV ads, and more, Granite Staters are paying attention to who is putting in the effort, who can win and send Joe Biden packing, and, most importantly, who will undoubtedly lead them into a better and brighter future. Gov. DeSantis’ track record of serving our country, working hard, growing the economy, and preserving American liberties while winning makes it crystal clear which candidate is best positioned to take our country forward.

DeSantis is not afraid to buck the establishment and status quo to do the right thing. New Hampshire has been looking for a leader to do just that for years. To do what the people elected him to do: stand up, lead, and reverse course in America’s decline.

New Hampshire needs a leader who will put in the work, stand up, and fight for us. From the work his team’s achieved already on the ground to fighting for us all the way to the White House, we need Gov. Ron DeSantis as our next president.