Just days before the No Labels organization arrives in New Hampshire for its ‘Common Sense’ kickoff on Monday, Gov. Chris Sununu said the group seems to be connecting with the mood of the American electorate.

Sununu’s statement did nothing to quiet speculation he is the sort of consensus candidate the third-party group might want on a potential ticket in the event of another Biden vs. Trump showdown.

No Labels is a bipartisan coalition of political and business leaders founded in 2010 to promote compromise and “third-way” politics. The group will be at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics Monday evening, officially unveiling its 67-page, 30-point “Ideas of the Common Sense Majority” covering issues ranging from an “all of the above” energy policy to border security and gun control.

Also on hand will be U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, both frequently mentioned as potential members of a 2024 No Labels presidential ticket. But supporters like former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, who will also be attending Monday, are quick to point out No Labels only plans to field candidates for president if there is a 2020 rematch.

“We’ll probably know after Super Tuesday in March” if Biden and Trump will be the nominees once again, and “No Labels is working to get on the ballot in all 50 states,” McCrory told WFEA radio host Drew Cline Friday. “But only if polling shows we have a chance.”

Polls already show Biden and Trump would be among the least popular major-party nominees in the modern era. However, veteran New Hampshire political strategist Tom Rath said the group may be getting the cart before the horse.

“I think the No Labels folks are well-intentioned and smart,” Rath said. “But trying to raise this issue during an increasingly competitive primary is not ideal. Their issue is a general election issue, not a primary one.

“No Labels works best when the two parties have chosen tickets, and there are lots of folks who are unhappy with that choice.”

Sununu shared similar views with The New York Times over the weekend.

“I’ll give them credit in that No Labels seems to be tapping into what America is looking for right now,” Sununu said. “Whether it’s viable and where it goes, we’ll see.”

McCrory, who served as the Republican mayor of Charlotte before being elected governor of the Tarheel State, said he expects to see plenty of New Hampshire elected officials at Monday’s event. He believes No Labels is addressing a problem created by the dysfunctional primary election process.

“The party structure doesn’t allow [bipartisan] agreement because everyone is worried about winning their primary. Everyone’s afraid to take a position that allows compromise,” McCrory said. “I know the game, and the game is when you run in a primary, and if you don’t check the box on every conservative issue — an absolute test — you’re a RINO [Republican In Name Only].”

Sununu has consistently polled as one of America’s most popular governors, thanks in part to strong support among independents and better-than-expected numbers among Democrats. He has repeatedly said he is not considering a No Labels run.

Manchin has been more willing to publicly entertain the idea, though he insists his visit to New Hampshire has nothing to do with a potential 2024 POTUS bid. However, he quickly added, “I’ve never ruled out anything or ruled in anything.”

Democrats are concerned that, should No Labels field a competitive ticket, it would hurt Biden in 2024 more than Trump.

“Joe (Manchin) is America’s biggest political tease,” Sen. Dick Durbin (Ill.), the No. 2 Senate Democrat, told TheHill.com regarding a potential No Labels candidacy. “And I trust that he’ll make a judgment to run for reelection in West Virginia. I hope he will.”

And New Hampshire Democratic strategist James Demers, who co-chaired Barack Obama’s NH campaign in 2008, said the only thing No Labels will do is help send Trump. back to the White House.

“A No Labels candidate has virtually no chance of winning the presidency in 2024, but that person can definitely be a spoiler candidate. Next year’s election is the worst time for this kind of political experiment. In all likelihood, the independent candidate will take votes from Joe Biden and put Donald Trump back in The White House. I don’t think that is their goal, but it will be the likely outcome. For the 2024 election, I don’t think this helps unify our country, I think it will divide America even further.”