Unless you have been hiding under a rock with no cell service, we all know what happened last week in former President Donald Trump’s trial, where he was found guilty by a jury in New York.

Countless op-eds have been written about the verdict and the strength, or weakness, of the legal case brought against President Trump. All of the facts show that this has been a purely political prosecution and I think the majority of Americans know it.

This is underscored by the fact that the District Attorney Alvin Bragg campaigned for office with the promise of “getting” President Trump. In addition, the judge in the case is a partisan Democrat who donated to Joe Biden and has a daughter who works as a Democratic political operative.

It is also worth pointing out that the jury was selected from a pool in Manhattan that only voted 5 percent for Trump in the last election.

The left argues that this case perfectly shows that “no one is above the law.” However, I think given the above mentioned facts, this claim is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover their glaring weaponization of the justice system.

The claims that the prosecution is politically motivated are quite well founded, and my biggest concern is what this prosecution means for our country moving forward. During his press conference the day after the verdict,

President Trump laid it out clearly when he said, “This can’t be allowed to happen to other presidents…This is far beyond me. This is bigger than Trump. This is bigger than me. This is bigger than my presidency.”

President Trump is correct when he says this case is about more than just him. This is about whether or not we want politically motivated prosecutions to be the norm in the United States. Once the door is open to engaging in political prosecution of one’s opponents, it is hard to close.

Frankly, it doesn’t take much imagination to realize that once that precedent is set, essentially anyone engaging in politics could suddenly be prosecuted no matter how much of a stretch the charges might be. Is that really what we want?

I believe this country’s justice system is being put to the test. Will we allow political prosecutions that follow the model of “show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime,” or will we stand resolute in defending the American system of fairness and due process? A country where political prosecutions are normalized is not what I want for my grandchildren’s future.

My family has been incredibly blessed to live the American Dream and to grow and succeed. My grandmother left Russia to escape the pogroms in 1913, and obviously escaped communism by only a couple years. I am deeply concerned that our country is going in the wrong direction and we desperately need to put a stop to the insanity.

In order to put a stop to this insanity, we have to make a strong statement in November. That is why I am supporting President Trump’s reelection bid. But we must also elect conservative leaders to Congress. We can’t afford more of the same old career politicians who won’t stand firm in pushing back against the radical left.

As a CEO, nurse, Army Reserves veteran, and conservative outsider I will stand against the political weaponization of the justice system and will fight to put an end to the insanity.