Across the country, we have seen a spike in anti-Israel protests, especially on college campuses. These protests have been heavily antisemitic, and in places like Columbia University, they have forced classes to go virtual out of fear for the safety of Jewish students.

Last week, those same protests came to the University of New Hampshire. (There had been protests months earlier, but for the most part, they had died down.) Protestors chanted slogans such as “Long live the Intifada” and “It is right to rebel! U.S., Israel, go to hell.” Protestors also waved Palestinian flags while referring to the American flag as “that dirty rag.”

The antisemitic and anti-American rhetoric is nothing new to protests on college campuses. But the refusal of Democrats to call it out is growing more and more widespread.

Chris Pappas claims to be a moderate who supports Israel. But he has been slow to condemn the dangerous antisemitism being spouted on campuses.

And in a recent radio interview, he refused to call out the host for insinuating that Israel has been purposely targeting civilians in Gaza, which is a pure lie.

This is because Chris Pappas is another career politician who is really good at saying one thing and doing something totally different based on whether it is politically convenient. That is true when it comes to supporting Israel and combating antisemitism in his base, and it’s true for Pappas on other issues like securing our borders.

Pappas recently discussed how he had set up a “border security task force” of what he called “pragmatic Democrats” to address the crisis. He said it is “an issue that should transcend politics, and it’s long past the time for posturing.”

The problem for Chris Pappas is that three years ago, Joe Biden was given a secure border. However, with the support of Democrats like Pappas, Biden completely destroyed both the security of the border and the morale of the Border Patrol.

The contradiction in words vs. action is because Pappas doesn’t want to actually address the border crisis and upset his own party; he just knows that it is an election year and that voters are demanding accountability for the chaos at the border. (Chaos that his party is responsible for.)

We need a change from career politicians who say one thing and do something else based on political expediency. As a business owner, I know the importance of keeping one’s word. As a leader, you have to be honest with people, whether they agree with you or not.

As your representative, I will be a supporter of Israel, and I will stand up to antisemitism on college campuses. Peaceful protest is a constitutional right, but when Jewish students are at risk, we need to call it out without hesitation. If a college allows that to happen, they should have their federal funding removed immediately. That is where I stand.

As your representative, I will stand for securing our borders. For starters, I will advocate for returning to “Remain in Mexico” policies, a complete end to “catch and release” policies, and an immediate stop to funding all the free benefits provided to illegal immigrants, like free housing, transportation, healthcare, etc. That is where I stand.

You can choose to agree or disagree with me, and you can vote accordingly, but you know where I’ll stand. That’s more than I can say for career politicians like Chris Pappas, who will say or do anything if it’s politically expedient for their “career.”