Less than 24 hours after an NHJournal report on his obscene, sexist, and racist social media posts, Northwood School Board member Gary Caron submitted his letter of resignation.

But not, he insisted, an apology. Instead, Caron blamed his demise on “maga republican deplorable key board basement dwelling instigators.”

Events began Tuesday afternoon with a social media post by Northwood School Board Chair Brian Winslow.

“I would like [everyone] to know that earlier this afternoon Mr. Caron submitted a letter of resignation.”

Earlier in the day, Winslow posted a public message urging Caron to step down from the board.

“As chair of the Northwood School Board, I would like to address the recent obscene and heinous comments made by one of our board members, Gary Caron. These comments were made in a private capacity, outside of school board business, and do not reflect the views or values of the school board or the Northwood School District,” Winslow wrote. The comments made by Mr. Caron are obscene, and objectionable and have caused significant concern within our community.

“As chair of the school board, I am requesting that Mr. Caron resign from his position on the board, effective immediately. His actions are inconsistent with the values of our community, but also prevent the board from fulfilling its purpose effectively,” Winslow added.

Apparently, it worked.

Caron has a history of using obscene and sexually explicit language in attacking conservatives and Republicans in social posts long before taking office, and the progressive activist didn’t change his behavior after being elected to the board. (Caron ran unopposed.)

Caron referred to Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) as a “house N—–.” He also called another Black Republican, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.), a “f—ing joke, a real ass-sucking maga moron,” and asked, “How the f— did you get elected, your ignorant constituents must be uneducated, unintelligent low-income inbred f—s huh?”

He also referred to Republican women like U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake using the word “c**t.”

After NHJournal’s report, more voices rose up in opposition.

“I’m very thankful that the Northwood School Board is rid of this disgusting individual,” said NHGOP state chair Chris Ager. “A great example of why transparency is needed in our school systems across the state.”

Such a large crowd was expected for Wednesday’s Northwood School Board meeting the venue was moved to the Northwood School gymnasium. However, now that Caron has tendered his resignation, the anticipated crowd may not show.

However, Rev. James Guzofski of the local Destiny Christian Church and a Republican candidate for the state House in Northwood in a special election last year, is urging concerned citizens to attend Wednesday night’s meeting.

“Even though Mr. Caron has submitted his letter of resignation to the chair of the school board – It is still important to attend this meeting,” Guzofski posted in X.

And as if to confirm Guzofski’s concerns, Caron posted a defiant statement on a community social media page.

“The maga republican smear campaign regarding my reactionary posts on Twitter has become a distraction for our Board. I will not put myself above the ability of the Board to conduct its important work,” Caron wrote in a statement directed to Winslow.

“My response to the outting [sic] of my private Twitter posts taken out of context, in that what I was reacting to for shock and awe, as well as accumulating followers was not made known vs. just my comments. The hysterical follow up by the maga sympathizers and others on Twitter did more for accumulating followers than any comment I could or did make since Elon Musk removed restrictions to free speech.

“I could not stand by and not comment on these maga republican deplorable key board basement dwelling instigators. Any one who would trade Democracy for Autocracy support a draft dodging twice impeached convicted fraud and rapist and head of a self serving crime family warrant’s [sic] the most vulgar epithets one can muster or I would disappoint myself.”

And despite the racist, vulgar, sexist and graphic language, Caron claims he has no regrets.

“I was never embarrassed by any of my posts in fact they were made possible by our founding fathers enshrined in the First Amendment.”