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Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” There is a big difference between politics and governing. It’s time to send in a heavyweight to Washington with decades of public and private sector experience who achieved real results for New Hampshire.

I am uniquely qualified to represent Granite Staters in Congress because I’ve grown up operating a family business for nearly 40 years and spent 14 years serving our state in the state Senate and on Gov. Sununu’s Executive Council.

It takes a real leader to win elections and deliver results reflecting our values. I am the only candidate running in this race who has won 7 state elections and has a proven track record of conservative results.

In the New Hampshire Senate, I prevented a state income tax, eliminated death taxes, and always sided with our state’s small businesses and middle-class families. I am the prime sponsor of Voter ID, Constitutional Carry, and Right to Work.

Washington is broken, but I have a plan to fix it.

First, we must balance the budget to create jobs and economic opportunities. In the state Senate, I balanced the budget for 10 years by funding the programs and services that we absolutely had to have while cutting spending on unnecessary government programs that were not vital to our citizens or our economy.

Washington has a massive spending problem. Our leaders vote for trillions in new spending while raising taxes on the middle class during a recession. In fact, since President Joe Biden took office, our leaders have spent over $3.5 TRILLION of your hard-earned tax dollars. But larger government and increasing our national debt are not the answer. There is a better way and Granite Staters deserve a congressman who has extensive governing experience and who always puts their financial interests first. In New Hampshire, we work hard for our paychecks and in Washington, I will work tirelessly to make sure you keep as much of that money as possible.

Second, stay positive. I learned 18 years ago that my political negative campaigning did more harm than good and, since then, I achieved real results for New Hampshire by running and winning positive campaigns for the last 10 years. I am campaigning on the issues without lobbing negative personal attacks at my opponents.

I’ve been married for 40 years, helped raise 5 adult children, and have 7 grandchildren. I’ve run a successful family-owned small business for nearly 40 years with great customers and employees. I’ve served the people of New Hampshire for 14 years. I will strive to treat each and every person with the respect that each of us deserves. We can solve every challenge facing our country if we work together.

Third, I will not be beholden to Washington special interests. A handful of big-spending special interest groups are running negative ads in the Republican primary for the first congressional district to ensure their handpicked candidate wins. I think that’s wrong.

We all know partisan and negative opinions about the future of our country and economy are through the roof. I disagree with this pessimistic attitude. I think America’s best days are in front of us if we can unite behind common sense policies. I will bring my positive vision, decades of experience, and record of getting real results for New Hampshire to Congress. I’m humbly asking for your vote on September 13. Together, we can fix a broken Washington and bring common sense back to Capitol Hill. I will work for you and strive to practice what we teach, be kind to each other, and use my decades of real-world governing and business experience in Washington.


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