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In January 2023 when the new Congress is sworn in, the invasion on our southern border will still be raging, inflation will still be robbing us of thousands of dollars every month, and the corrupt media will still be working overtime to continue the indoctrination of our youth.

We cannot afford to lose to Chris Pappas again, and we must elect a strong, conservative voice to Congress who will fight to put America First.

Voters have a clear choice on September 13—we can elect another go-along to get along with a politician who is bought and paid for by the Establishment, or a homegrown conservative outsider who is funded and supported by the people.



I am proud to be the homegrown candidate—a proud New Hampshire native from a small business family, a product of our schools, an alumna of Saint Anselm College, and the former Assistant Press Secretary in President Trump’s White House, where I fought alongside Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany against the corrupt media.

Now, I am proud to be the only candidate in this race that the D.C. Swamp is spending millions and millions of dollars against, because they know I am the best chance to beat Pappas and fight against the Establishment. Don’t let the Swamp buy this seat. I humbly ask for your vote on September 13, and I pledge to be the conservative fighter that we need to pass term limits, build the wall, abolish the Department of Education, and put America First again.

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