Last week, Rep. Nicole Klein Knight publicly accused Republicans House members of intentionally targeting Democrats for COVID-19 infection in an attempt to keep these Democrats from doing their jobs. Rep. Klein Knight offered only circumstantial evidence, even as her own social media accounts showed her campaigning

 Rep. Kevin Verville

door-to-door and appearing at large political gatherings unmasked.

Several leftwing media outlets chose to publish this fringe conspiracy theory without any confirmation and without reporting on Klein Knight’s own risky behavior. In response, a Republican implicated in the alleged scheme — Rep. Kevin Verville — posted a rebuttal on his Facebook page.

NHJournal is publishing Verville’s statement below in an attempt to interject some media balance in this story.


Unfortunately, there has been much speculation by people reported in the media, and my name has been invoked in that speculation. While it is no one’s business but my own, and I do not owe any answers to anyone relative to my conduct over the past several weeks, I am freely choosing to share part of the timeline of my life publicly, in a good faith effort to put an end to the nonsense, and speculation being proffered by others.

I was tested for COVID-19 late morning Friday 24 September 2021. I received my results the next day, and was found to be COVID-19 negative. Based on those results I continued to conducted myself no differently than I have for the past 18 plus months.

I attended the Rockingham County Delegation meeting the evening of Monday 27 September 2021.

On Tuesday 28 September 2021 I attended a subcommittee hearing on a bill I filed last year that had been retained by the House. I was in that meeting room for approximately one hour. I sat in the audience seating, well away from all other participants for the entire meeting, except to quickly say goodbye at the end of the meeting. I did not linger near others, at any time during this meeting.

It is interesting that the Representative from Manchester that has been making unsubstantiated claims against myself, and others relative to spreading COVID-19, was not a member of the subcommittee in question. She spent a solid five or ten minutes arguing with the chair of the subcommittee at the start of the meeting relative to her membership on the subcommittee. Once it was confirmed that she was not a member of the subcommittee, she chose to remain for the meeting, which is her right, as any other person for that matter.

The bill in question would close a loophole in the existing law that was intended to prevent registered sex offenders from hiring, supervising, and/or working with minor children. She advocated for not closing the loophole in the existing law. I mention this simply to note that she only appeared because she was confused about where, and when she was required to be in attendance. If she had been as concerned about the situation as she later alleged, she simply could have chosen to leave the meeting. There was no requirement for her attendance.

On the evening of Wednesday 29 September 2021, after dinner, I went to rest, as is my regular routine. Around 8:30pm I spiked a fever. It was then that I proactively chose to go to Urgent Care, and was again tested for COVID-19 based on symptoms shown. That is when I tested positive for COVID-19.

The morning of Thursday 30 September 2021 I notified by e-mail the leadership of each and every place I had spent time around others, to include the Rockingham County Delegation meeting, and the House Judiciary subcommittee meeting. I isolated as recommended by the healthcare professionals at the Urgent Care.

It is my opinion that I conducted myself in a safe, and reasonable manner. I did nothing to knowingly expose others to COVID-19. In fact, the big mystery in my mind is where I contracted COVID-19. I had no “close contact,” or any other contact, for any period of time with anyone that had COVID-19, to the best of my knowledge.

While I appreciate people’s concerns, and perspectives on COVID-19, I assert that I conducted myself with reasonable prudence, and responsibility, as I always do.

And yes, you may quote me on this!