Democratic State Rep. Tamara Meyer Le has a message for New Hampshire’s private and religious schools: “F*** you.” Literally.

In an October 20th Facebook post, the Seacoast progressive and member of the House Education Committee used the profanity in a diatribe on her public FB page regarding her 8th-grade daughter’s friends applying to private high schools.

“And then it happened. The Sunday afternoon my 8th grade daughter who is getting A-/B+s in 8th grade had to learn – while her friends were applying to private high schools – we would not be,” Le wrote. “Private and religious schools do not have anti-discrimination policies that protect students with disabilities.”

“F*** private and religious schools,” Le concluded. Several of her fellow House Democrats ‘liked’ her comment, including Reps. Casey Conley and Heidi Hamer.

Le did not respond to multiple requests from NHJournal for comment. However, at least one person responded to her post by objecting to Le’s anti-private and anti-religious school sentiment. “I take offense to your [commen]. It’s foul and also not that black and white! I believe every parent needs to do what is best for each of their children and not judge parents that do,” the commenter said.

“I hear you, “Le replied, “but it is very black and white.”


There are 329 private schools in New Hampshire according to Private School Review, serving close to 29,000 students. This represents around 12 percent of all K-12 students in the state. Is a Democrat on the House Education Committee saying “F— you” to all of them?

“Sounds like it to me,” House GOP leader Dick Hinch told NHJournal. After seeing Rep. Le’s Facebook post Hinch released a statement calling for her to “apologize to every private and religious school throughout the state,” and demanding that she be removed from the Education Committee.

“Given this exhibition of online rage, I do not believe that Rep. Le can provide any fair or objective review of policies pertaining to private and religious schools as a member of the Education Committee,” Hinch said. “House Speaker Shurtleff must remove her from the House Education Committee, and he should, in the strongest terms, condemn this type of behavior from her.”

House Education Committee chairman Rep. Mel Myler (D-Contoocook) distanced his committee from Le’s controversial comments. “Rep. Le speaks for herself and not that of the House Education Committee. Positions of the committee are taken after full debate on an issue.”

“Rep. Le’s comments are disgusting and indefensible, but they are not surprising,” NHGOP chairman Steve Stepanek told NHJournal.  “For her to make such a statement on her official page shows just how out-of-touch and divisive Democrats in the legislature are. Someone with no respect for religious and private education and for New Hampshire’s various faith communities has no place on the House Education Committee.”

Le is an outspoken progressive who has endorsed Elizabeth Warren for president, despite the fact that Warren sent her own son to private school.