As more horrific details of the allegations against former N.H. State Rep. Stacie-Marie Laughton (D-Nashua) come to light, it’s difficult to put the three-time state lawmaker’s record of winning elections while being charged or convicted of crimes into context.

The graphic conversation regarding sex acts with young children between Laughton and partner Lindsay Groves, and the photographic described in the federal complaint, are shocking and nearly beyond belief. In retrospect, however, it’s hardly shocking that someone who was repeatedly in and out of the criminal justice system is once again under arrest.

And all that time, Laughton was a member in good standing of the New Hampshire Democratic Party and the House Democratic Caucus.

Why did a state rep. who was forced to give up a House seat due to previous convictions get the support of the New Hampshire state party and Chairman Ray Buckley in subsequent elections? Why did the state party chairman praise a convicted criminal with Laughton’s record? Why would the Nashua city Democrats back such a candidate and why have elected New Hampshire Democrats spoken out publicly in support?

The graphic below lays out the time of Laughton’s legal travails:



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