Another good news data point for New Hampshire: The state ranks low on the list of high “at-risk” youth, according to new analysis from

“To determine the places where young Americans are not faring as well as others in the same age group, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 14 key indicators of youth risk,” their report says. “Our data set ranges from share of disconnected youth to labor force participation rate among youth to youth poverty rate.”

The result? New Hampshire ranks 50th out of 51 states/DC on the list of “States With The Most At-Risk Youth.”

The data show that New Hampshire ranks extremely low in the areas of “disconnected youth” and “young people without high school diplomas.” New Hampshire’s low unemployment rate has also pulled young people into the workforce, another factor that keeps the “at-risk youth” number low.

“Idleness and social disconnection are among the biggest problems for at-risk youths today,” WalletHub reports.  Expect to hear more about these numbers from Gov. Chris Sununu on the campaign trail.


2018’s States with the Most At-Risk Youth


Source: WalletHub