New Hampshire made history on Election Day when 814,092 ballots were cast, breaking the previous total vote record (set in 2016) by 58,000 votes.

Here’s a look at some other numbers of interest from Election Day, 2020:


New Hampshire Hits New Participation Record:

Not only did a record number of voters turn out, but New Hampshire had a voting-eligible participation (VEP) rate of 75.4 percent. That ranks the Granite State sixth in 2020 VEP turnout.

One factor that may have boosted turnout: Absentee ballots. There were 261,062 absentee ballots cast, by far the highest number in a New Hampshire election.


Biden Beat Trump In County/Town Breakdown:

Joe Biden won 163 of New Hampshire’s towns. Donald Trump won 139.

Biden’s best town (with 100 or more votes cast) was Hanover, where he got 87.3 percent of the vote.

Trump’s best town was Hale’s Location, where he received 72.6 percent of the vote.

Libertarian Jo Jorgensen’s best performance was in Windsor, where she got 3.87 percent.


What The Exit Polls Found:

While polling data is suspect (at best) this cycle, the AP did conduct exit polling and found:

  • Biden led Trump among voters under 45 but Biden and Trump were about even among older voters.
  • College-educated voters were more likely to support Biden over Trump but Trump was neck and neck with Biden among voters without a college degree.
  • Sununu led Sen. Dan Feltes among every major demographic group.
  • Coronavirus was the top issue among 43 percent of NH voters, the economy was number one among 27 percent.


Breaking the Biden Barrier:

Joe Biden carried New Hampshire 53-46 percent on his way to winning the White House. How did the other candidates compare to his performance in the Granite State?