NHJournal has invited a series of candidates in New Hampshire’s high-profile primary elections to make their “final pitch” for your votes. We’ve also asked all of them to answer the same three questions to shed a little light on their character and, perhaps, have a little fun. You’ll find their answers below.

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I know every corner of the First District because I grew up in it, and I’ve hiked all 48 4,000 foot mountains. Growing up in Epping, I worked in my dad’s small window washing business and at a local food stand. I graduated from law school and worked with Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter for 11 years, as Chief of Staff and as Campaign Manager. I’m the only candidate with actual experience serving Granite Staters at the federal level. Carol has endorsed me because she knows I’m committed to “the rest of us,” the bottom 99%.

My experience allows me to hit the ground running in Washington on day one. I have no learning curve in DC, and I already know our communities well. And I know one of the biggest challenges is getting good, affordable health care.

I’m the only candidate who has long advocated for expanding Medicare by allowing everyone the choice of opting into it. I’m proud of the bill Carol introduced to make this happen, and I will reintroduce it because Granite Staters need it. Medicare works and it will work for New Hampshire.

Other candidates have outside money or the support of the Washington, DC Democratic establishment machine.  But I have the grassroots machine. Although it’s tougher, that’s how Carol rolled and that’s how I roll. NO corporate PAC or DC lobbyist money or political machine behind me. Just people. I ask the good people of New Hampshire’s First District for their vote this Tuesday, and in return, I pledge to work tirelessly to serve them.

NH Journal Questions:

1:  Where did you go on your first date?
  • The restaurant that is now called Bolton’s Lake House in Kingston.
2: If someone hit the “play” button on your iTunes Player/CD player/phonograph, etc—what song would play right now?
  •  The Hamilton soundtrack
3: You’re leaving on a mission to Mars, never to return. You can have one last meal on Earth—and it’s in New Hampshire. What is it?
  • Shibley’s in Alton