New Hampshire State Senate President and U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Morse sees more behind the Department of Justice’s raid on Mar-a-Lago than mere law enforcement.

“I think what happened is disgraceful,” Morse told WFEA radio host Drew Cline Friday morning. “Do you need to take that many FBI agents and run down to get a document when we’ve got people crossing the [southern] border that are bringing drugs into this country, and our crime rates going up? We should be spending time on that.

“I just think these things are being caused because they want to get our attention off of the fact that inflation is killing us in this country, and they still can’t define a ‘recession.’ Let’s get back to what’s going on in this country and stop trying to make news to get [people’s attention] away from it.”

When Cline noted, “It sounds like you’re saying that the Justice Department ordered this as a political distraction,” Morse immediately responded, “Oh, I absolutely believe that’s what’s going on here.”

Listen to Sen. Chuck Morse talk about the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago

“If there was something to handle here, I think it could have been handled between President Trump’s people and the Justice Department,” Morse added. “That’s the way [this] normally would’ve been handled. We still haven’t dealt with the president’s son [Hunter Biden]. Now we’re talking about [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi’s son.

“Let’s be honest here. They’re going after something to create news to get away from the fact that inflation’s hurting everybody,” Morse said.

Morse isn’t the only candidate in the GOP U.S. Senate primary to raise questions about the Department of Justice’s handling of this search warrant.

On Jack Heath’s radio show, former Londonderry Town Manager Kevin Smith said it is “past time for investigation of DOJ and FBI.”

“Think about how many times Democrats claimed Trump was going to use government power to go after his enemies,” Smith said. “But who’s actually doing it? Democrats!”

“I’m talking to people who aren’t Republican activists — someone approached me at the gym this morning — and people are bullish*t, they are so mad about this,” Smith said.

Retired Gen. Don Bolduc issued a press release reading in part, “We are a nation of laws, and the rule of law is supposed to be free from politics. Right now, people don’t believe that, and why would they? Joe Biden promised us normalcy, and instead, we have the private residences of former presidents being raided. The system is broken.”