Republican governors like Gov. Chris Sununu are leading the way as America turns the corner and rebuilds after the economic devastation of COVID-19.

As businesses work to rehire staff and recover some of the losses suffered during Democrat-led lockdowns, conservative solutions are supporting a long-overdue economic recovery. On the other hand, Democrats – from New Hampshire’s delegation all the way up to President Joe Biden’s administration – are offering nonsensical, backward policies which are squandering Biden’s inherited economic recovery and preventing a return to full economic strength.

The numbers tell a clear story here in New Hampshire and across America: 17 of the top 20 states for recovering jobs lost during the pandemic are led by Republican governors. And 21 Republican-led states have recovered at least two-thirds of their lost jobs.

There is a clear correlation between conservative policies and economic recovery, and it’s on prominent display right here in the Granite State. New Hampshire’s unemployment rate stands at a remarkably low 2.9 percent, three points below the national average and tied for third-lowest in the nation. This tracks with data from around the country which shows 15 of the top 20 states with the lowest unemployment rates are led by Republican governors.

Additionally, the Granite State has recovered 71.6 percent of the jobs it lost throughout the coronavirus pandemic, which is good for 18th-best in America.  In other words, the key metrics defining the success or failure of economic recovery are all positive for New Hampshire – a strong, clear endorsement of Sununu’s leadership.

Sununu can claim credit for this success because he understands the role of government in unleashing economic growth. Whereas big-government Democrats like Joe Biden think that handouts are the answer to every problem, Sununu prioritized supporting Granite Staters keeping more of their own money. His budget cuts taxes across the board for families and small businesses alike by providing $1 billion in tax savings to Granite Staters over the next ten years, providing $100 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) relief to small businesses, and exempting 30,000 small business from filing taxes at all.

By not forcing Granite Staters to give up more of their hard-earned money to the government, Governor Sununu is empowering his people to generate their own economic growth and, in turn, strengthen the overall economic health of their state.

Unfortunately, Democrats like Sen, Maggie Hassan and Biden don’t have the same interest in creating economic prosperity for the American people. As many as 1.8 million Americans have turned down jobs because Biden is paying them not to work with unnecessary unemployment insurance. Even Obama economist Jason Furman has agreed that “unemployment insurance has definitely been playing a role” in holding the economy back. Plus, Biden’s reckless economic failures have led to jaw-dropping inflation, which has prices for everyday goods like groceries and gasoline skyrocketing.

Hassan has been a reliable partner in Biden’s economic misadventures, rubber-stamping his efforts to squander the economic recovery which he inherited from former President Trump. She is failing to represent Granite Staters effectively by helping to push policies that undermine an economic rebound from COVID-19.

There’s a simple lesson in Governor Sununu and New Hampshire’s success story: Conservative policies work. By cutting taxes, protecting small businesses, and encouraging economic prosperity, red-state governors like Sununu are showing America how to bounce back from COVID.

Not even Joe Biden’s disastrous, illogical economic missteps can stop New Hampshire’s Republican-led momentum.