Progressive Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey will be in the Granite State this weekend, pressing local Democrats to join the write-in ballot effort on behalf of President Joe Biden.

“This Saturday, the N.H. Democratic Party is hosting its delegate selection caucuses in Concord and Manchester at 10 am,” according to an email from Rep. Annie Kuster (D-N.H.). “And Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey is the special guest of those of us supporting Joe Biden!”

The email included a fundraising solicitation on behalf of the “Write In Joe Biden” campaign, designed to help the incumbent president win New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Democratic primary. The effort is being mounted despite his refusal to participate or allow his name to appear on the ballot. Biden and the Democratic National Committee stripped Granite State Democrats of their traditional place on the calendar due to concerns about diversity and the belief that New Hampshire primary voters are “too White” to be allowed to go first.

The email inviting Democrats to meet Healey says it will also be “an opportunity to meet and vote on the grassroots delegates our state will send to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago this August.” It’s an ironic offer given that, under Biden’s direction, the DNC is threatening to strip New Hampshire of its delegates for breaking the rules by holding the primary. Healey and her allies are now trying to win for Biden via write-in.

Healey, along with far-left U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are official “super surrogates” for Biden’s re-election, taking leadership roles in boosting his candidacy. That support among leaders in his party’s progressive wing reflects Biden’s decision to move to the left once he entered the White House.

Granite State Republicans aren’t impressed by Healey’s road trip.

“We don’t need another Massachusetts progressive crossing the border to bring far-left politics to New Hampshire,” said state GOP Chair Chris Ager.

And, several Republicans noted, news of Healey’s New Hampshire visit comes at the same time as news that United Van Lines ranked the Bay State as the seventh-most outbound state in America last year.

“The misguided, left-wing policies that my opponents would bring North to N.H. are causing Massachusetts residents to flee their high-tax, high-crime sanctuary state,” tweeted GOP gubernatorial candidate Kelly Ayotte.

The former U.S. senator has frequently highlighted Healey’s support for former Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig in the Democratic primary for governor, warning that “New Hampshire is one vote away from becoming Massachusetts.”

As for Healey’s campaign trip to the Granite State, Ayotte told NHJournal, “Joe Biden abandoned our First in the Nation primary because he is too weak to answer hard-hitting questions from our voters. Instead, he is sending in reinforcements from our high-tax, sanctuary state neighbor, Massachusetts.

“Biden and Gov. Healey’s policies represent everything New Hampshire does not — high taxes, open borders, crime, and bigger government. Granite Staters will ignore their charade and won’t let the Democrats MASS up New Hampshire.”