Government bureaucrats and errant leaders around the world have decided to go to war with the people they are supposed to protect, and President Joe Biden in utter madness wants to add on to the medical tyranny train. Following his ill-considered idea to intimidate people at their front doors with the propaganda they had already rejected from their telescreens, he now wants to team up with corporate America to force employees into taking the jab of spiked poison.

Sadly, the disinformation surrounding COVID-19 and the experimental jab that was laughably approved by the Food and Drug Administration on Monday using false or incomplete data has so clouded people’s thoughts that some of you won’t read past the word “poison” and another group won’t read past “false data”—but will be sure to comment on my opinion using the language of hate. Another portion will read on, but disregard every word, even if I were to waste my time backing up everything I write with facts. And there are plenty of facts.

Don’t you know this division is intentional? You’ve heard the phrase, “Divide and conquer,” I’m sure. We’re really in quite a bind, aren’t we?

A large minority of us know COVID-19 was not that bad of a virus, even if it was manmade, that many of the reported deaths were caused by other illnesses or human error, and that we’ve fought through similar viruses without completely dismantling our free society and made out just fine. Most of us also know the adverse reactions to these so-called “vaccines” are being suppressed on a grand scale, and that public health figures are not looking out for our best interests. If they were, they wouldn’t be physically abusing our children by encouraging school boards to force them into a useless mask all day. Many of us, whether we’ve taken the shot or not, know in the bottom of their hearts that when people try to force other people to do things, and discriminate against them if they don’t, that it isn’t just wrong, it’s evil. We’ve been through this before, and it never ends well for the marginalized minority.

Don’t you find it suspect that nurses, who know about the science of vaccines perhaps better than most of us, are willing to give up jobs that support their families rather than inject themselves with this nonsense? They know there are treatment protocols that have been out for more than a year to prevent the serious consequences of COVID-19, but the government, media, and corporate hegemony has suppressed or obfuscated this information. It is medically unethical to require a “vaccine” when there are other legitimate and effective treatments available. The injection isn’t about preventing COVID-19, though, and maybe many of you who have taken it know that now, too.

Most of us who are awake know this whole thing isn’t about COVID-19 at all, but rather an attempt to conquer the United States—perhaps even the whole world—without firing a shot. Is it “the global elite,” “international bankers” and/or the Chinese Communist Party who are behind it all? It really doesn’t matter which bogeyman you pick, the goal is the same. The “Great Reset” isn’t exactly hidden from public consumption. It’s a plan to usher in a high-tech system relying on social credit scoring and digital surveillance. Proof of COVID-19 injection is just social priming for a tracking system that will be used to control the global population. While most people would prefer not to view the plans in World Economic Forum reports—frankly, because it’s really upsetting—we either stand up against this plan right now or there won’t be any more standing up to do. Freedom will become a distant memory.

What’s next? Well, a bunch of “vaccinated” people could die like the animals did during testing of coronavirus vaccines in a process called antibody-dependent enhancement or pathogenic priming, but probably better described by the term paradoxical disease enhancement. Then, the same people trying to conquer the world will blame it on the unvaccinated population to support even more draconian measures to force vaccination and bring about a system of control over the people. God forbid! But if the “vaccines” work and this concern isn’t real, then unvaccinated people are not a threat to anyone but themselves, and shouldn’t that risk assessment be OK with you if it’s OK with them?

Of course, all of the division being stirred up is just setting the stage for violence. They want us to fight each other, and we must resist violence with every bit of strength that we have. The president has already expressed his intent to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens. All he needs is a government-sponsored false-flag event or some rebellious aggression and he’ll pull the trigger on that one, with much of the population cheering him on. After that, what peaceful deterrent would we have left against total domination like we’re hearing about in Australia, France, and Canada?

Honestly, it’s somehow reassuring to see people in those nations stand up against tyranny. Ultimately, the answer to all of this is all of us just saying “NO!” The people do not have to obey unlawful orders from anyone, and when we do that with the Constitution backing us and remain peaceful, there is nothing that can stand in our way.

While the New Hampshire legislature puts its finger to the wind of unreliable and slanted public polling data and ponders more moderate work in the upcoming session, lawmakers ought to ask themselves whether they intend to keep their legitimacy. We ought to ask ourselves what we are doing to convince them to protect us from an out-of-control bureaucracy, from anti-trust collusion among businesses, and from public-private partnerships that are not in the public’s best interest. The time to put an end to the chaos is now, and if we cannot gather the momentum to bring needed legislation to restore balance, the only thing we’ll have left is grand-scale disobedience to everything the government has to say. That’s not a state I want to live in.