Businessman, author, and entrepreneur Vikram Mansharamani announced his candidacy for New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District Wednesday, joining a race to replace outgoing six-term Democrat Rep. Annie Kuster.

“Washington, D.C. is completely dysfunctional. The politicians have made a mess of things, and we need to shake things up,” Mansharamani said in a statement. “Throughout my career, I haven’t been afraid to push back and speak the truth, whether in the boardroom or the classroom, and that’s exactly what I will do in Congress.

“The last thing America needs is another wishy-washy politician who wants to become a Washington insider. I am running to bring real-world experience and solutions to the mess in D.C.”

Mansharamani, 50, lives in Lincoln, N.H., and has been a lecturer at both Harvard and Yale Universities. He is the author most recently of “The Making of a Generalist: An Independent Thinker Finds Unconventional Success in an Uncertain World.”

“My parents came to this country to pursue the American Dream,” Mansharamani noted. “I have lived that dream, and I want to secure it for our children and grandchildren. America is more than a country; it’s a promise – a promise of equal opportunity, not equal outcomes.”

Mansharamani will face off against Lily Tang Williams, who received 25 percent of the vote in the 2022 GOP primary and has been campaigning for months. Hanover businessman William Hamlen is also expected to enter the race.

Former Keene Mayor George Hansel has been frequently mentioned as a potential candidate and is reportedly in Washington, D.C., talking to House GOP leadership. But several Granite State Republican insiders tell NHJournal they suspect Mansharamani’s move makes a Hansel candidacy less likely.

“It’s all about money. Vikram can at least partially self-fund, and George will have to outraise him to even get the chance to take on the Democrat,” one GOP insider said. “It’s a longshot race for Republicans already. Is it worth it?”

Kuster has already made her choice of successor clear: She’s endorsed former Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern in the Democratic primary. And Van Ostern has reported raising $325,000 for his campaign so far.

Progressive state Senate Democrat Becky Whitley of Hopkinton has formed an exploratory committee and is likely to enter the primary in the coming weeks.

Cook Political Report has the race to fill the Second Congressional District vacancy listed as a “Likely Democrat” seat.

Mansharamani says inflation, illegal immigration, and controlling government spending are among his priorities.

“Enough is enough. We must acknowledge that we simply can’t do everything. We can’t write unlimited checks for never-ending wars, we can’t spend billions on illegal immigrants, and we can’t keep funding our ever-expanding federal government. Trying to do everything will mean we can’t do anything, and the people in the Second Congressional District deserve better,” Mansharamani said.

Veteran GOP strategist Michael Dennehy says Mansharamani’s decision is good for the Republican Party.

“Unlike the Democrats in NH-02, Republicans aren’t afraid of primaries because they serve as an exchange of ideas and they act as a vehicle to grow the Republican base,” Dennehy said.

“Vikram Mansharamani has an important life story to tell to our state and country and I believe he will play a vital part in the future of the GOP in New Hampshire. This shows how serious the GOP is in their efforts to win back the Second Congressional district.”