Despite what you hear from our friends in the mainstream media, the ideas being promoted, pushed, and passed by Republicans in Concord appear to be very popular here in the Granite State according to recent (and past) polling. The most obvious example is the Republican Party’s vehement and steadfast opposition to a New Hampshire state income tax. In Concord, Democrats refuse to allow Republicans to bring forth a constitutional amendment prohibiting an income tax once and for all. But the Democrats are fighting against the popular will. Republicans ran on an anti-tax platform in 2020 and were rewarded by Granite State voters with majorities in both chambers, making us the only state to flip a legislature in the country.

Yet while the income tax may be the most obvious example of Republicans fighting for Granite State values, there are many others. Let’s take Republican’s drive to institute voter ID in New Hampshire. Currently, state law includes a loophole allowing anyone unwilling to show a voter ID to sign a waiver instead of showing their ID. A recent poll conducted by Saint Anselm College shows a full 76 percent of all Granite Stater’s support the Republican position that would end the waiver loophole and guarantee that every voter must show proper identification to obtain a ballot to legally vote in New Hampshire.

And the Republican position also wins overwhelming majority support on the issue of right to work.  Republicans recently fought to end forced unionization for workers and instead allow them to choose if the union has the right to a piece of their paychecks. What did our small New England state think of this? Sixty-eight percent of all voters agreed with the Republican position.

On gun rights, 66 percent of all voters agree with Republicans that we should expand New Hampshire’s Stand Your Ground laws to include the right to Stand your Ground in your vehicle according to a University of New Hampshire poll from March.

Perhaps the most surprising for our pro-choice state, a plurality of voters in New Hampshire support the banning of late-term abortions by a margin of 48 percent to 40 percent.  That’s right, there is support for limiting abortions in New Hampshire! What was the Democrats’ response? To double down on their position that there should be abortions right up until the moment of birth – for any reason, including just not wanting the child.

To be sure, you will not hear these numbers in the mainstream media. The progressive left continues pushing the narrative that Republicans are out of touch with Granite Staters. But that’s simply not true. The only ones out of touch are the ‘lockstep ideologues’ in the Democrat Party and their ‘woke’ allies in the news media. They want you to believe their ideas are popular, but it turns out to be what we have known all along, that Republicans are working for everyday Granite Staters who understand common sense and the core values that have made our state such a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.

So, the next time you see a news article in the media about something ‘controversial’ being passed by New Hampshire Republicans, ask yourself, how controversial is it really and who is it controversial to? Because according to public opinion, the only controversial thing the Republicans are doing in Concord is standing up for Granite State values and beliefs.