America is truly at a crossroads.  And, our commitment to “American Exceptionalism” hangs in the balance.

The concept of American Exceptionalism is forged in the belief that our nation and its founding represent a unique moment in human history.  A nation founded as an experiment in democracy and committed to the principles of liberty, equality and justice.

But, it is also a belief in the ‘goodness’ of America; that our intentions as a nation are pure and that we are committed to continually progressing in advancing towards our ideals.

In the fall of 2020, we must choose between the ‘glass half full’ versus the “glass half empty.”  We will decide whether we will renew our commitment to optimism, positivity and our belief in American Exceptionalism, or choose the path of pessimism, negativity and divisiveness. Clearly, there has never been a time in our history, when the choice has been clearer.

For this great nation to endure, together we need to believe in the power of positivity and have full confidence and faith in the goodness of our nation; in the destiny of our American experiment.

Despite, the troubles of this past year – as evidenced by the virus, the shutting down of our economy, the protests, civil unrest, strife and chaos in our major cities, we as Americans, regardless of party, need to view all of these troubles through a “positive lens.”

While we may not have chosen to experience these events, let’s deal with them honestly and objectively — and in the most positive light.  How can we benefit from what we have learned?  How can we take positive steps to address these issues together — united as Americans?  And, move forward in our belief that we are committed to our core principles, and that America continues to be the greatest nation in the history of the world.

At no point in human history had mankind endeavored to create a nation whose basis for existence, its core pillars and principles, were that of individual freedom. What has always made this country exceptional is that while we may not be perfect, we have a hunger to strive for what makes us better.

Even in the moments where we may fall short, we get back up on our feet and continue to pursue that which allows us to be a force for good in the world. We are at a critical moment in our history, in this uniquely American experiment. We must once again believe in our own ability to be exceptional, to rise to the occasion, to ensure we do not squander the immediacy of this moment.

There’s the story of an American diplomat who, on a visit to Singapore was asked by their former prime minister where he could access the “box.”

“The box?” the diplomat replied.

The prime minister responded, “You know, the box with the secret for how Americans continually reinvent themselves.”

Now is the time to access that box, to once again recommit ourselves, and reconfirm our own exceptionalism.  God bless America!