The Trump 2020 campaign tells NHJournal that the strength of the economy and the extremism of 2020 Democrats will be enough to deliver the Granite State for the president, despite any political fallout from impeachment.

“The impeachment hysteria will ultimately die down,” Trump 2020 Campaign Senior Advisor Lara Trump said Tuesday. “It’s easy in the heat of the moment to get distracted, but when people step back and look at their own lives — better-paying jobs, more money in their pockets, their 401k’s have gone up — so many aspects of life are better under this president. And that’s what ultimately matters to people.”

Lara Trump made the comments as part of a media outreach conference call promoting the #StopTheMadness campaign, a series of rallies backed by a $2 million media buy targeting what Trump 2020 describes as “vulnerable Democrats who campaigned on reaching across the aisle to work with President Trump.”

Trump supporters rallied outside the Manchester offices of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen last week, an event that featured former Trump campaign manager–and possible 2020 U.S. Senate candidate– Corey Lewandowski.

Asked by NHJournal whether recent polls showing an increase in support for impeachment in New Hampshire is going to hurt their efforts to flip a state Trump lost by just 3,000 votes, Lara Trump dismissed the impeachment effort.

“If the Democrats wanted people to take impeachment seriously they’d have a vote in the House, and they haven’t done that yet,” Trump said. “And we’re so far out from the election that to try and weigh in on how the impeachment inquiry will affect things long term is premature.”

A new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll found 55 percent of New Hampshire voters support an impeachment inquiry, with 42 percent “strongly supporting.” And 52 percent said if Trump did influence Ukraine to investigate potential opponent Joe Biden, the president should be removed from office.

The poll also found Trump trailing a generic Democratic candidate in the Granite State, 49-32 percent, which mirrors the -15 percent approval gap in his polling throughout 2019.

According to Trump Victory Director of Regional Communications Rick Gorka, Team Trump is undeterred.

“This president’s record of accomplishment, when you pair that up against whomever this Democratic nominee is going to be, whether it’s — well, any of them.  This field has moved so far to the Left, it’s no longer recognizable to what the Democratic Party was four or six years ago,” Gorka told NHJournal.

“So when you’re looking at a values debate between what President Trump has been able to accomplish his first term versus the socialist record of open borders and health care for illegal immigrants, we think that message will pair up well with voters in New Hampshire.

“We expect to win New Hampshire in 2020,” Gorka said.