New Hampshire’s federal delegation remains solidly in support of U.S. military aid for Ukraine as that war-torn nation attempts to push Russian invaders out of its borders. On Thursday, Reps. Annie Kuster and Chris Pappas voted to approve $300 million in additional Ukraine funding, part of a 311-177 majority.

While Democrats gave it their unanimous support, more than half of House Republicans voted against the additional aid.

Congress has previously passed four spending packages totaling $113 billion in response to Russia’s 2021 invasion of Ukraine. CBS News reported that The U.S. has spent just over $43 billion on military aid to Ukraine.

The stopgap spending bill approved by Congress over the weekend to prevent a government shutdown did not include any additional Ukraine funding, a fact decried by all four members of New Hampshire’s delegation. They have made no secret of their support for aid to Ukraine.

Neither representative would respond to questions about their vote for Ukraine funding. Pappas said earlier this year that American aid was vital.

“The people of Ukraine need us and the United States and the American people … Things are going to continue to be difficult. But I think the humanitarian, economic, and military support is making a difference. It’s moving the needle. And as Ukraine shows resolve, we can’t back down.”

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), who sits on both the Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees, is a leading proponent of American support for the Zelenskyy government.

“I’m deeply disappointed this stopgap bill does not include any new aid to support Ukraine’s war efforts,” Shaheen said after the short-term spending measure was passed. “Republican refusal to do so only emboldens Putin and his efforts to reshape the world order, which could continue to have severe impacts right here at home, such as higher fuel and food prices, creating hardship for American families. I will work with my colleagues to stand by Ukraine to ensure additional aid is included in any long-term funding legislation.”

Sen. Maggie Hassan also released a statement Saturday urging continued support for Ukraine.

“Ukrainians are fighting for what we have – freedom and autonomy. If Putin or other autocrats are emboldened by a successful invasion of Ukraine, we could see future aggression across the globe, including targeted at NATO countries and other places that the United States is committed to supporting with our military directly — potentially putting American lives on the line. So as Putin and dictators around the world watch what the United States does, I will not let up in pushing for our nation to continue standing united with our allies to support Ukraine and counter Putin.”