I am very disturbed and offended by my colleagues’ on record lack of decorum.

There have been allegations over the last couple of weeks made up of hearsay without evidence. That has made a number of people all too happy to jump to conclusions that have never been proven. They have not heard the full story, or have gotten the recording that the activist has.

Even Rep. Manny Espitia admits having never heard this recording. Is it because the recording would prove my innocence? I believe so. Over the last few weeks, a few activists have been saying they filed an ethics complaint; yet none has been filed. Could it be that they would have to provide evidence to back up these allegations, and do not have any evidence to do so? What if what’s being claimed did not actually happen the way they say it did? Aren’t these all-important questions to consider?

This term has shown the people of New Hampshire that on record, proven antisemitism is ok and tolerated, but rumors of racism do not have to be proven in order to strip someone of their due process and label them guilty.

Anyone can go to the State House security and watch the footage of me being followed. However, my being followed translates into accosting someone. There has been a lot of lazy reporting and a lack of investigating. People seem to think if something fits their narrative that no proof or evidence is necessary.

This also highlights a lack of integrity to allow lawmakers the possible right to disagree without being seen as disagreeable.

Unlike my two colleagues in this video, I typically call someone or have a private conversation with them about a piece of legislation or how they communicate. This way if there is a misunderstanding, we both have the space to clear up the confusion. I have always tried to show respect and give people the benefit of the doubt. It is unfortunate the same courtesy is not extended to me.

Fran sat near me my last term and I considered her a friend. She has always seemingly been supportive. I do not have a clue what she means by “going off” on her. I try to be so respectful, in fact, I called her to communicate my shock and dismay before responding to a request for comment on this.

On the phone, she doubled down and said, “Well, we don’t mention your name.” As if that makes it ok? She said, “Well, you’re going to go off on me right now.” I was so taken aback. To my recollection I have never had a problem with Fran, nor have I ever spoken to her about the events that transpired in January. She apologized that she had been recorded, not for the things she said.

I think some of my colleagues mistake passion for aggression. I am passionate about solving problems for my people. Real problems that exist in our everyday lives. Because of that passion, I rarely take no for an answer. That has allowed me to get work done in the most tumultuous of times.

Ken Snow refers to my first term with the bill that would allow minors to seek therapy without a guardian’s permission. I am on record asking for consideration of any amendments that the committee would like (raising the age, how it is funded, and anything of that nature that would ensure its passage). That disproves the intolerant attitude Ken seems to portray of me.

I cannot stress the fact enough child suicide is at the highest it has ever been.

Ken responded to me in my first term saying that this was not a necessary law, because when he practiced as a therapist he would see kids in secret without the parents knowing. This further admitted to me that protections for therapists and children needed to be made available. I was disturbed that he thought seeing a child in secret was an ok practice if it had not yet been legal.

This further led me to question what else has he done illegally while thinking it was not wrong.

When bringing back mental health for minors this year Ken jumped at the opportunity to again kill the bill even though numerous amendments addressing the concerns brought up from last term had been made. This is not a new concept and most states offer this service. In NH children as young as 12 can give consent to drug and alcohol treatments without a parent’s consent, and 16 for STI testing.

These two representatives base their professional experience on mental health work and treating people with respect and dignity. Those qualifications are why they are on the Health and Human Services Committee. This incident should be offensive to not just me, but to anyone who takes improving our wellbeing seriously.

The video proves a couple of things:

A) It’s ok to be a weirdo; who isn’t a little?

B) Mental health practitioners should behave in a way that they would also like to be treated.

C) I must be the most powerful woman in the world for everything to be my fault.