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InsideSources is a syndication network featuring content from policymakers, former government officials, industry experts, and leading researchers.
Our contributors have previously written for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other top publications. We want to give every newspaper in the country an opportunity to run this high-quality content at a low cost.
As we’ve spoken to newspaper editors and publishers, they’ve told us they have a pain point when it comes to opinion content. The syndicated columns they receive from our competitors are too expensive relative to their quality. Their readers are tired of hearing from pundits who rehash the same talking points that are shouted back and forth on cable TV. Instead, they want to know how experts are analyzing the key issues driving debate.
InsideSources is a non-partisan news organization that knows our readers expect more than the same boring talking points. It’s time we all stop talking past each other and begin a fact-based dialogue.
We’re planning to rapidly increase the number of contributors to our site. As more newspapers join our syndication network, we’ll be able to recruit more writers to cover a broader range of subject matter. Registering your paper today will help us grow much faster!

How To Join

As we begin developing our network, all our content is entirely free for any publication to reproduce.
The only requirements are that the content is credited to InsideSources, that your publication registers on our website, and that we are notified via our web form any time your publication uses our content.
Once your publication has registered as part of our network, you will receive regular email updates of what content is available for you to use. Or just check our homepage daily.
Email [email protected] if you have any questions.