I grew up in New Jersey, where my family has deep roots within the Democratic party. I know the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Democratic politicians and Democratic policies – particularly as it relates to African American communities.

Here is the bottom line: The gulf between what Democratic politicians and their policies have promised and what they have actually delivered couldn’t be any wider. Democrats have promised Black voters a utopia of economic opportunity and social justice, and what they have delivered has been a nightmare of poverty, crime, hopelessness, and inequality.

The Democratic Party needs to have a real and honest conversation with the Black community, and it needs a leader who is willing to listen. I believe that leader is Bobby Kennedy, Jr.

I was in Boston on Wednesday as Bobby launched his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. I was there because I believe Bobby Kennedy offers the Democratic Party its best – and possibly last – chance at salvaging its relationship with Black voters.

African Americans know better than any other group that the government and medical industrial complex should not simply be trusted to do the right thing – the truth is that far too often, the government has been willing to sacrifice the health and well-being of the Black community in order to help big pharma and big medicine make a buck.

Which is why medical freedom is one of the single most important issues for the future of the Black community. When it comes to medical freedom, no one – in either party – has been a more courageous leader than Bobby Kennedy. Long before COVID opened the eyes of tens of millions of Americans to the excesses of big pharma, Bobby Kennedy had been bravely speaking truth to power.

Bobby knows our healthcare system is broken. Bobby understands the doctor-patient relationship has been destroyed. Bobby is committed to breaking the power of big pharma and big medicine – he will never use the power of the presidency to force the Black community – or any other American – to take a vaccine or treatment of any kind without their consent.

Democrats like Joe Biden have all but abandoned any pretext of delivering on the decades of promises made by Democratic politicians. Instead of delivering results to the African American community, Biden and his ilk have used Black voters as a political football.

Biden is happy to inflame racial tensions and racial conflict as long as it benefits him politically. Biden and his enablers routinely label any policy or politician they oppose as “racist” while completely ignoring the abject failures of their own policies to improve the health, safety, and economic well-being of the Black community.

The Democratic Party needs a unifier, an individual who will put results above rhetoric and who will view success or failure in policy terms – not political ones. I believe Bobby Kennedy is singularly capable of unifying the Democratic Party and unifying the country. I believe Bobby will move past the empty race-inflaming rhetoric and will instead focus on improving the lives of average Black voters.

Finally, it is time for Democrats to stop talking to Black voters and start listening. Decades of telling black voters to simply vote for Democrats and trust that things will improve has resulted in the absolute destruction of our families and our communities.

It is time for a new conversation between the Democratic Party and the Black community. It is time to stop talking and start listening. I have known and worked with Bobby Kennedy for years, I have seen him operate up close and personal, and I strongly believe Bobby understands how important it is to have this conversation.

The relationship between Democratic politicians and Black voters has become toxic, and it is time for an intervention. I firmly believe that Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is the man the Democratic Party needs at this moment.